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Carbonite vs. Mozy

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Read more...Carbonite and Mozy are both proven, but not equal cloud backup solutions. See if your call matches ours.

Meraki Adds Outdoor AP Duo

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Read more...Meraki has announced two 802.11n cloud-managed access points.

Speed Up Cloud Apps With AWS Cloud Cache

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Read more...Amazon Web Services has announced a memory cache service for cloud apps.

HP Kills webOS and TouchPad

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Read more...HP has pulled the plug on webOS and the TouchPad and may be jettisoning its PC business.

A Day In The Cloud: Revisiting Crashplan with Crashplan Pro

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Read more...We finally get to see whether Code 42 has come up with a good enough solution for a small business with a lot of big files to keep safe in the cloud.

Drobo Owners Can Get Cheaper Carbonite

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Read more...Carbonite is giving some Drobo owners a price break on its cloud backup service.

And The Prize For Worst Android Tablet Yet Goes To...

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Read more... The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 is so annoying, I can't do a full review of it.

Is A Cloud MarketPlace For You?

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Read more...It can be tough to assemble the right cloud services for your business on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone.

Amazon Give Apple The Bird on App Sales Tax

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Read more...Amazon just bypassed Apple's tax on its Kindle book sales.

LogMeIn Hamachi Gets New Portal, IPv6 Support

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Read more...LogMeIn has created a new portal for its hosted VPN service.

Dropbox vs.

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Read more...Dropbox and take very different approaches to cloud storage. So the winner in this matchup may surprise you.

Read This Before You Buy That Cheap HP Touchpad

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Read more...Updated Why would you want to buy a tablet that is so heavily discounted after being out only a month?

Panasonic Wants You On Its Phone Cloud

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Read more...Panasonic has announced a cloud-based small business phone system.

Staying Secure In The Cloud - Part 2

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Read more... In Part 2, we look at practical steps you can take to ensure a safe cloud computing experience.

Return It Or Lose It: Pogoplug Videos To Be Shut Down Next Week

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Read more...Cloud Engines will shut service off to all Pogoplug Video users next week.

CloudBerry Backup Desktop Reviewed

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Cloudberry Backup Desktop provides flexible Windows backup with your choice of cloud backup storage provider.

Verecloud Debuts Cloud App Marketplace

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Read more...Cloud service broker Verecloud today announced the launch of an online cloud service marketplace.

Toshiba Thrive Reviewed

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Read more... The good news is that Toshiba's Thrive tablet isn't as bulky as you might think.

Crossing The Chasm: Converting An iPhone App to Android

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Read more... One man's story of porting an app from Apple's tightly-controlled fiefdom to the wild and wooly Android frontier.

Get 100 GB Of Free Cloud Storage

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Read more...Online storage provider Symform today said it is giving away free cloud storage.

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