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Is Cisco's Cloud Watching You?

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Read more...Some people are convinced Cisco's "App Enabled" routers are spying on them. We checked to see if they really are.

Toshiba Announces Cloud Storage Box

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Read more... Toshiba has announced a "personal cloud" storage appliance.

Cisco Connect Cloud Reviewed

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Read more...Cisco Connect Cloud doesn't provide a good enough reason to let it influence your router buying decision.

AWS Wants To Store Your Data Archives

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Read more... Amazon Web Services has announced a low cost data archiving service.

SkyDrive Gets New Look, Android App Coming

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Read more... Microsoft has rolled out a refreshed and enhanced SkyDrive.

LogMeIn Central Now Manages Anti-Virus Programs

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Read more... LogMeIn has added anti-virus management features to its Central product.

Overlook Fingbox Reviewed

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Read more...Fingbox adds a new twist to the popular Fing network analysis app.

iMeet Updates Its Cloud Videoconference Service

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Read more... PGi has released a new version of its cloud-based video meeting service.

Amazon Announces Interesting New Features for Cloud Player

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Amazon has announced interesting new features for their Cloud Player.

TMT Investments Investing in Backblaze

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Read more...TMT Investments has invested $2.5M in to Backblaze with an agreement for more on the first anniversary of the transaction.

Zoho Integrates Productivity Suite Into Google Drive

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Read more...Zoho Integrates Productivity Suite into Google Drive

D-Link Announces Cloud Camera 5000 with Pan and Tilt Functions

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Read more...D-Link Announces Cloud Camera 5000 with Pan and Tilt Functions

Dropbox Doubles Storage, Integrates with WD NASes

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Read more...Dropbox has doubled storage for its Pro plan and has cut a deal with Western Digital for integration into its NAS and router products.

Opting Out Of Cisco Connect Cloud

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Read more...If you want to opt out of Cisco's Connect Cloud, it's easy. But why would you?

Cisco's Router Cloud Goes Live

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Read more...Cisco has turned on the cloud features on its EA series routers and put out the welcome mat for developers

D-Link Expands Cloud Router Line

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Read more...D-Link has added two new products to its cloud router family

Pogoplug Now Backs Up Your Family

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Read more...Pogoplug has introduced an all-household-device backup product.

Dropcam Has a New Android App For You

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Read more...Dropcam just released a revamped Android app for its cloud-based IP camera.

SOS Backup Spiffs Up Its MacOS Version

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Read more...SOS Online Backup has updated its MacOS app.

Google Buys Up Quickoffice, Gives Microsoft Agita

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Read more...Google yesterday announced that it has acquired Quickoffice.

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