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Slideshow: Linksys WRT150N Wireless-N Home Router

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Linksys' least expensive draft 802.11n router will soon be replaced by the Linksys WRT160N. But both products have very similar performance. Read the review.
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ImageBoard closeup shows an all-Broadcom design very similar to that of the WRT160N:
- CPU: Broadcom BCM4704 (the 160N uses a BCM4703)
- Switch: Broadcom BCM5325
- RAM: 16 MB
- Flash: 4 MB
The 2T2R radio uses the Broadcom Intensi-fi chipset composed of the BCM4321 BaseBand/MAC and BCM 2055 2x2 dual-band single-chip radio. Only the 2.4 GHz band is enabled.