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About Us

SmallNetBuilder is your best source for reviews, analysis and advice to help you put together and get the most out of small and not-so-small data and media networks.

We deliver the most in-depth, unbiased and authoritative coverage available of networking products, trends and issues covering wireless, VoIP, network attached storage (NAS), general networking, routers, networked multimedia and security.

Our readership includes IT professionals, CTO's, VARs, network installers, industry analysts, "prosumers" and early adopters.

What will I find here ?

SmallNetBuilder is organized into product categories, with each category containing Review, News, How To, Tutorial and Feature sections. The sections are:

  • Wireless
    Wireless networking including 802.11a/b/g, draft 11n, Bluetooth, UltraWideband (UWB) / Wireless USB

  • NAS
    Networked Storage Products. We do not cover "naked" hard drives or external direct-attached drives at this time.

  • LAN & WAN
    Primarily router/gateway products, but includes coverage of "alternative" wired networking technologies such as coax and powerline networking. Some "smart"/ managed switch coverage, too.

  • Multimedia & VoIP
    This section covers networked devices for voice, audio and video, including networked media players and cameras. Voice over IP devices and services, such as Skype, are also covered here

  • Security
    Network security, with some coverage of client-based solutions

  • The Basics
    Articles of interest to those just getting started in networking.

  • Other
    Show reports, "gadgets and toys" coverage and other topics that don't fit into the main categories.

And don't forget our Router, NAS, Wireless and Powerline Charts. They contain performance benchmark data you can't find anywhere else. You can also drill down and do detailed product comparisons including performance data plots. And our Router, NAS, Wireless and Powerline Product Finders let you search for products by features.

Who's Who

Learn about the people behind SmallNetBuilder here.

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We are represented by Velum Media.

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Content Permission

You may post direct text hyperlinks to articles, providing you clearly state the source. This is not permission to host a SmallNetBuilder article or other content on your website, but merely to create a text hyperlink from your website to content.

Please do not use any logos or trademarks as hyperlinks without approval. SmallNetBuilder reserves the right to request the removal of any such hyperlinks.

Permission requests to use SmallNetBuilder content may be made through the contact addresses below.

Contacting Us

Please use the Contact Us form for any correspondence regarding SmallNetBuilder.

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