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Transcode Your Video In The Cloud, For Free Even

AWS logoAmazon Web Services has announced a cloud-based video transcoding service that includes a free service tier.

AWS Wants To Store Your Data Archives

Amazon Web Services logo Amazon Web Services has announced a low cost data archiving service.

Speed Up Cloud Apps With AWS Cloud Cache

AWS logoAmazon Web Services has announced a memory cache service for cloud apps.

AWS Eliminates Inbound Data Charges, Lowers Outbound

Cisco App HQAmazon Web Services has lowered its prices again.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Web Services Takes Traditional Servers To School

AWS logoAmazon Web Services is the hosting provider everyone is talking about. We take a look at some of the key reasons why that is.

Amazon Launches Three New Cloud Services: CloudDrive, CloudPlayer For Web, And CloudPlayer For Android

Amazon has announced and launched three new cloud storage and playback options with really low pricing.

Vembu Home Reviewed

Vembu Home

Vembu Home hopes to be your only solution for cloud backup, storage, and sync, but falls far short.

Amazon Launches Simple Email Service

AWS logoAmazon has added an email service to its AWS portfolio.

Amazon Adds Elastic Beanstalk To AWS

AWS logoAmazon today announced its Elastic Beanstalk to ease introducing new Java applications into the cloud.

AWS Adds Service Options, Reduces Prices

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services has announced two new service options and lower prices on old plans.

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Hi I'm running Merlin Firmware:378.54_2 How do I configure DHCP scope options, and can they only be issued to specific MAC addresses ? Thanks
Is TurboQAM active in AP mode on a R7000? Is TurboQAM only active when you ONLY have 40MHz Channel bandwidth in 2.4GHz band? I just test my D-Link DWA...
Hi, everybody. TLDR; Without getting any extra hardware, how can I set up my network so that IPTV and multicast don't totally destroy my WiFi signal?...
Controller-less managed Ruckus access points. Interesting to see this considering Xclaim is a Ruckus company.
have anyone heard more about Asrock G10 Router out there?

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