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Amazon Echo Friday Update

QNAP logo Amazon's Echo now supports Samsung SmartThings.

Apple Losing The Race To Voice Control Your Smart Home

Amazon logo Amazon's Echo now supports more smart home devices than Apple's HomeKit.

Amazon Echo Hooks Up With Wink

Amazon logo Amazon's Echo now supports Wink's hub and connected devices.

Your Wait For An Amazon Echo Invite Is Over

Amazon logo Invitations are no longer required to purchase an Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Home Automation Features Reviewed

Amazon Echo Connected HomeAmazon's Echo can now control lights and switches. But you will give up more useful home automation features than you gain.

Amazon Echo Gets Smart Home Enhancements

Amazon logo Amazon's Echo can now control lights and perform other home automation tasks.

Amazon Cloud Drive Now Has Unlimited Plans

Amazon logo Amazon unveiled two unlimited plans for photos and "everything".

Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviewed

Amazon Fire Stick teaserAmazon's Fire TV Stick shrinks Amazon's media streamer into a smaller and less expensive package while retaining almost all its features.

Amazon Wants To Put a Listening Post In Your Home

Amazon logoAmazon has unveiled something that could be the neatest or creepiest thing you can buy.

Amazon Launches Fire TV Stick

Amazon logoAmazon has announced an HDMI stick version of its Fire TV streamer.

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After updating to the latest Merlin firmware I have been clicking the tab beside the firmware tab, Restore/Save/Upload Setting and I've been restoring...
im getting ready to run some new lines in my house. they will run from my e-panel,though my attic,and down to the rooms. i want to buy 500-1000ft roll...
I very much enjoyed the Nest and Foscam C1 reviews. I see the C2 and wonder if it a step up in quality? Is there a C2 review on the horizon, or do y...
I purchased a RT-AC87 router last week (refurbished on sale for US$149 at Newegg) because I installed all the other Asus routers I had and needed a ba...
I have an Asus RT-N66R router with the Asuswrt-Merlin on it (don't remember which version). I saw I was sorely out of date for my firmware, so I decid...

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