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NETGEAR Waves Big Wad O' Cash At Developers

NETGEAR logoNETGEAR is trying to lure app developers for its routers and NASes with a chance to win $1,000,000.

NETGEAR Relaunches Network Device App Initiative

NETGEAR logoNETGEAR has reintroduced its "Smart Network" developer program aimed at getting developers to help smarten up its consumer networking gear.

Is Cisco's Cloud Watching You?

Is Cisco Watching You?Some people are convinced Cisco's "App Enabled" routers are spying on them. We checked to see if they really are.

Cisco Connect Cloud Reviewed

Cisco Connect Cloud logoCisco Connect Cloud doesn't provide a good enough reason to let it influence your router buying decision.

Opting Out Of Cisco Connect Cloud

Cisco Connect Cloud logoIf you want to opt out of Cisco's Connect Cloud, it's easy. But why would you?

Cisco's Router Cloud Goes Live

Cisco Connect CloudCisco has turned on the cloud features on its EA series routers and put out the welcome mat for developers

Google Buys Up Quickoffice, Gives Microsoft Agita

Quickoffice logoGoogle yesterday announced that it has acquired Quickoffice.

CloudOn Drifts on to Europe

CloudOn logoCloudOn has expanded availability to Western Europe and Israel

NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk Reviewed

NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk NortonLive's Ultimate Help Desk was much better than we expected it to be.

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Hi all I am new to the forum and to Asuswrt Merlin FW. Currently I have Asus RT 87U flashed with Merlins great FW. What is the best solution for ...
So trying to get crashplan working on ac68u, asuswrt-merlin 378.55 debian chroot Crashplan gui runs on one pc and talks to engine running in chroot on...
What is the value I put in for Target? I'm using merlins FW. Is this a mac address of my wifi card in my pc? If so, how would one find this
Hi, Here's RT-AC3200 Firmware for you: Any issue please post ...

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