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Announcing SmallNetBuilder's Powerline Ranker

SNB logoWe have added a Powerline Adapter Ranker to our product research toolset.

nVoy Certification Coming For Mashed-Up Home Networks

IEEE 1905.1Hybrid home networks are getting a Certification suite.

CES 2012: 'Gigabit' Powerline Is On The Way

CES LogoUpdated- The HomePlug Alliance said powerline speeds will be going up again.

Introducing SmallNetBuilder's Powerline Performance Charts And Product Finders

Introducing Our Powerline ChartsWe are pleased to announce SmallNetBuilder's Charts and Product Finders for powerline networking products.

How We Test Powerline Products

How We Test Powerline ProductsUpdated - This article describes how we test powerline products.

SmallNetBuilder's Powerline FAQ

SmallNetBuilder's Powerline Networking FAQ We've gathered the most often asked powerline networking questions and answers in one handy place. Enjoy!

HomePlug Group Backs Hybrid Network Standard

HomePlug Logo The HomePlug Alliance is throwing its support behind an IEEE group drafting a standard for hybrid home networks.

CES 2011: D-Link Announcements

CES LogoUpdated: D-Link introduced its usual boatload of products at CES. Let's see how many of them actually ship this year.

500 Mbps Not! : TRENDnet TPL-401E2K 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit Reviewed

TRENDnet TPL-401E2K 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit TRENDnet's first-to-market "500 Mbps" powerline adapters may not be the best that they can be.

IEEE Launches Standards Group To Unite Home Networking Methods

IEEE logoThe IEEE today announced the kickoff of a new draft standard aimed at uniting "hybrid" home networks.

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Hi, Got new internet connection with 500/100 mbit and my old N66U needs to be changed for a newer router. I was looking for the RT-AC3200 and it hits...
Hi Guys , My connection goes like this : OTN > Cat 6 > Router (AC68U) No ISP router in the middle OTN Sat from ISP to 1492 MTU , PC sat to 1500 and...
Hi. This is my first post on this forum. But I have been reading it for many years! My name is Simon, I'm 40 years old, and from Fredrikstad, Norway...
Hi! I now got my hands on an Asus EA-AC87 to go with my RT-AC87, but before I set it up I want to clear a couple questions.. As far as I understand ...

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