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Replace Dropbox and Google Drive With Your Own Private Cloud

Synology Cloud StationWho needs Dropbox when your NAS has everything you need for your own private cloud?

Doing More with IPv6

IPv6 How To In Part 2 of our series, we dig deeper into IPv6 addressing, debunk some firewall and IPsec myths and get some IPv6 VLANs working.

How To Buy A NAS: 2015 Edition

Which NAS to choose? Our updated guide to buying a NAS will help you find your best match.

How To Buy A Wireless Router - 2015 Edition

Which Wireless Router to choose? Our 2015 guide to choosing a wireless router focuses on AC routers.

How We Test Router Storage Performance

How We Test Router StorageWe test router storage performance using this procedure.

How To Set Up Your Dual-WAN Router

Dual WANSetting up a dual-WAN router can be tricky. We'll show you how to get the most out of it.

A Router That Won't Become Obsolete

Edimax logoWhy throw away an old router when it can transform into something else?

How To Segment A Small LAN Using Tagged VLANs - Part 2

vlansDoug is back with more VLAN fun, this time mixing a VLAN capable router, switch and access point.

How To Segment A Small LAN Using Tagged VLANs

vlansWe show you how to segment a small LAN, with internet access for both segments, with switches that support only 802.1Q tagged VLANs.

How To Buy a Wireless Router: 2014 Edition

Which Wireless Router to choose? Our quick and easy guide to buying a router, freshly updated for 2014!

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Hi All I have finally decided to go for 2 AC68Us for my home One will be in the living room as the main router and the other inside the bedroom. Bot...
I finally nailed the broken webui issues introduced in Asus's 6065/6117 GPL. That one was fun... 378.55 will complete the System Log table redesign....
Hello, I am running AsusWRT Merlin on Asus RT-AC87. I installed Entware specifically to get ethtool, but it looks like the tool by itself is not in ...
I own a 2013 Dell XPS ultrabook that came with an Intel Centrino N6230 wifi card. Since the board came with two antennas, will those work with the two...
Hi folks, Just dumped Comcast (yay!) and shifted over to CenturyLink's overpriced gigabit fiber (boo?). Previously on Comcast, I had no problems gett...

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