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ZyXEL Announces RAID 5 Personal Cloud NAS

ZyXEL logoZyXEL has announced a dual-core four-bay NAS.

How To Save Time And Data With Snapshots

Thecus logoSnapshots aren't just for taking pictures. They can save your data, too!

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN202 Reviewed

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN202NETGEAR's ReadyNAS RN200 is a nice step up from the Marvell-powered ReadyNAS 100.

D-Link Rolls Out New Four-Bay NAS

D-Link logoD-Link is starting to ship a new four-bay SMB NAS.

Thecus N5810PRO Reviewed

Thecus N5810PROThecus' N5810PRO is a capable RAID5 class NAS, but not the best value.

WD My Cloud EX4100 Reviewed

teaser imageWD's My Cloud EX4100 hits the price / performance sweet spot for a mid-range RAID 5 NAS.

Linksys Kills WRT NAS

Linksys logoLinksys has decided to not go forward with its two-bay NAS.

QNAP Previews Thunderbolt 2 Combo NAS/DAS

QNAP logoUpdated - QNAP has announced a combination DAS/NAS/iSCSI SAN storage appliance.

QNAP Announces 10GbE Ready AMD NAS

QNAP logoQNAP has announced a new five bay NAS.

Drobo Gets Sold

WD logoStorage appliance maker Drobo has parted ways with parent Connected Data.

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I have the ac68P, does anyone else have to sign in twice in the ASUS GUI to log in??? Ever since I upgraded to W10 I always have to sign in twice. I...
i been using a an asus ac68r for sometime now,and have always used the stock firmware. i been reading thought this section for awhile now and see a lo...
Hello- On my N66U running john's fork, FTP is a lot faster for me (giving up on smb) so I would like to find a way to access /jffs over ftp. Does any...
Hi all! I'm trying to get policy based routing to work on my Asus RT-AC66U with Merlin. The goal is to route some of my devices via a VPN (OpenVPN, w...
my router has no internet connection. in looking at the system log it is showing a date of dec 31 2016. how can this be. how can i correct it. i re...

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