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Items tagged with: Remote access

Cisco OnPlus Reviewed

Cisco OnPlusUpdated - Cisco's OnPlus can help guardians of small business networks keep their head hair where it belongs for less than $5/month.

WD 2go Reviewed

WD 2go teaser WD's 2go cloud access is a big improvement over the MioNet it replaces. Adds VoIP Support logo LogMeIn's has added free internet VoIP conferencing.

LogMeIn Rescue Adds iOS, Android Remote Configuration

LogMeIn Rescue logoLogMeIn has added new remote configuration features for Android and iOS devices to its Rescue service.

Polkast Reviewed

Polkast Logo LogoPolkast provides quick and easy access to your PC's files from iOS and Android devices.

AccessMyLan Reviewed

AccessMyLan LogoAccessMyLan is a remote connectivity VPN solution aimed at business users who want to have finer grained control over their users, but still leverage the cloud.

VyprVPN Reviewed

VyprVPN DevicesVyprVPN is a bit more expensive, but faster and more reliable than its competition.

Private WiFi Reviewed

Private WiFi logoPrivate WiFi is a new VPN service with bugs to fix.

PrivateWiFi Launches VPN Service For Free WiFi Users

PrivateWiFi logoPrivateWiFi has launched their flagship private VPN service, aiming to protect consumers from unencrypted WiFi networks.

HotSpotVPN Reviewed

HotSpotVPN Logo

HotSpotVPN is an VPN portal aimed at securing traffic on insecure wireless networks.

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my router has no internet connection. in looking at the system log it is showing a date of dec 31 2016. how can this be. how can i correct it. i re...
With a stock AC3200, what is the best way to get the list of currently connected clients? I found http://routerip/update_clients.asp works and I can g...
Gents, I am currently stationed on Kadena Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan. I watch all of my TV and movies online. Lately I have not been able to s...
Hello members, My router has an issue with the time server. It's behind a Fritzbox modem / router. The WAN IP from the Asus router is behind the DMZ ...
It is very funny that the Microsoft Compatibility Center says that the adapter is compatible with Windows 10.

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