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Items tagged with: Security

ZyXEL Introduces Cheaper UTM Gateway

ZyXEL logoZyXEL has announced a Unified Threat Management appliance priced for home users.

ZyXEL Introduces Next-Gen UTMs

ZyXEL logoZyXEL has unveiled a new Unified Threat Management firewall family.

Intrusion Detection Basics

Intrusion Detection SystemFirewalls aren't enough to keep some networks safe. Intrusion detection adds another layer of security.

Firewall Basics

FirewallAll firewalls are not equal. Learn about the differences.

Cisco ISA550W Integrated Security Appliance Reviewed

Cisco ISA550WCisco's ISA550W has an impressive mix of security features and wireless, routing and VPN performance.

How To Crack WPA / WPA2 (2012)

How To Crack WPA / WPA2We have updated our tutorial on how to crack WPA / WPA2 with even more powerful and easier to use passphrase recovery tools. We've also added tips for creating easy-to-remember but essentially uncrackable passphrases.

ZyXEL Turns On IPv6 For Routers, Switches

ZyXEL logoZyXEL has announced IPv6 upgrades for some of its security routers and managed switches.

Dell Buying SonicWALL

Sonicwall LogoDell has announced its intent to acquire SonicWALL

Waiting For The WPS Fix

WPS logoUpdate 5 - Yes, Wi-Fi Protected Setup is broken. Here's what vendors are doing to fix it and steps you can take in the meantime.

Box Announces Security Improvements

Box logoBox has stepped up security and brought Intel in to help.

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i live in a two story home and for some reason they never ran a cable line to my office is located on the first floor.its pretty much imposs...
RT-AC3200_3.0.0.4_378_7002 Unofficial Beta firmware Download:
Hi, i'm new here i have an ASUS RT-AC66U router and i would like (for research purposes) to limit it's capability to be able to receive only SISO rat...
Hey guys, So I have an RT-AC87 running the latest Merlin FW 378.54_2. I am successfully running both a OpenVPN slient and a server on my router, than...
With Centurylink fiber I found that I could configure my RT-AC66U so that it worked as a bridge directly to the ISP without using their modem/router. ...

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