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Items tagged with: Cloud News

iPhone App For Backblaze Is Almost Here

Backblaze logoBackblaze has announced an iPhone app for its $5/month unlimited cloud backup service.

Double Secure Cloud Storage Service Launches

FileLocker logoInfraScale has announced a "truly secure" file sharing service.

Pogoplug Goes All In On Cloud Storage

Pogoplug logo Pogoplug has removed the storage limits on its cloud storage service.

D-Link Floats New Cloud-Enabled NAS

D-Link logo D-Link has replaced its entry-level NAS with a faster cloud-enabled version.

Meraki Adds New Hardware, Software For Better Cloud-Based Networks

Meraki logoMeraki has introduced new remote-end appliances for its cloud-managed networking systems.

NETGEAR Relaunches Network Device App Initiative

NETGEAR logoNETGEAR has reintroduced its "Smart Network" developer program aimed at getting developers to help smarten up its consumer networking gear.

CloudLathe Launches Private BYO Cloud

Tonido logoCloudLathe today announced a new bring-your-own-storage private cloud product.

D-Link Adds HD Cloud Cam Pair

D-Link logoD-Link has expanded its cloud-enabled network camera line with two models.

CloudBerry Now Manages Amazon Glacier Storage

CloudBerry ExplorerCloudBerry Lab has released a new version of its file manager for Amazon S3

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Hello, The prices on the TP-Link Archer C7 and C8 are pretty close to each other. When you factor in used/refurbished units, the C8 can sometimes be...
Hi, I am trying to setup an OpenVPN site to site between site A(Server-Merlin) and site B(Client DD-WRT). The tunnel comes up and both peers are able...
I recently moved into a basement apartment. The wireless internet has quite a week signal by the time it gets to me. There is a TV downstairs that has...
I am hoping someone can shed some light on this intermittent problem. I have the RT-AC68U running Merlin 378.52_2 that was installed around 7 weeks ...

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