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Chart Entry Instructions

Instructions for Chart Product Entry and Review Creation

Instructions for Chart Product Database Entry, Review Creation, Image Gallery Creation -

Rev 2: 20 Jan 2012

Database Entry

1) Log into the site

2) Navigate to the Product Finders section in the category where your product is located. Or use the URL you have been sent. You will need to click on Authors: View my unpublished products link to see your product(s) (see Figure 1).

3) A basic entry for your product will have already been created. Click on the [edit] link you'll find under the product name. (see Figure 1)

Edit links

Figure 1: Edit links

4) Enter the product information into the form. There are popup tooltips available to explain each attribute (shown in Figure 2). Be sure to make entries in the Summary, Pros and Cons sections.

For "check" type, enter Y, N or leave blank for unknown.

Use the following HTML format for Pros and Cons entries:
&bull; item 1<br>&bull; item 2<br>&bull; item 3

Product attribute entry form

Figure 2: Product attribute entry form

5) Save the entry. Send email to to flag that product entry has been done so that the entry can be made live.

Review Creation

Log into the site, then browse to the link sent in your article assignment. Or you can browse to the Reviews section for your product's category and see an edit Icon next to the article name (Figure 3).

Product attribute entry form

Figure 2: Product attribute entry form

Click the edit icon to open an online editor. You can either copy the article template and work locally (recommended), or edit directly online. Don't use formatting other than the following:

<b>, <i>,<p>,<br>,<ul><li>

The review doesn't need to include the At A Glance or product attribute tables. They will be generated automatically from the database when the review is published.

Use an HTML editor, Wordpad, Notepad or other simple ASCII / text editor. Do not use Word or any other program that automatically exports to HTML. Enter the review online via the article edit link when done and email

Image Gallery Creation

1) Take enough screen shots to show the key features of the product.

Width must be 1000px maximum.
Image names must be all lower case with no spaces (use _ or - instead).
Image names should be descriptive (not IMG_345.jpg).

2) Create a text file named labels.txt. Do this with Wordpad or other ASCII editor. Each line of the text file must follow this format:
image name|short image caption|image description.

Enter the lines in the order that the images should appear in the Gallery. Blank lines may be inserted between entries for readability. But there should be no spaces on either side of the | separator characters. Simple HTML can be used for bold or italic.

Example labels.txt file for the Backblaze review image gallery:

backblaze-control-panel.jpg|Backblaze Control Panel|The Backblaze Control Panel sits in the system tray, ready to be pulled up. There isn't a compact view, however, and no tooltip to show backup status.

backblaze-prefs-settings.jpg|Backblaze Preferences|The Settings Preferences tab has a <b>Throttle</b> control to limit upload bandwidth use and a Hard Drive selector. You can't exclude the C drive, though.

backblaze-prefs-schedule.jpg|Back Preferences Schedule settings|This tab holds the options for controlling when backups are done.

backblaze-prefs-exclude.jpg|Backblaze Exclude settings|The <b>Exclude</b> tab has some file types and system type folders entered by default.

backblaze-prefs-security.jpg|Backblaze Security settings|Here is where you can enter an up to 50 character private encryption key.

backblaze-prefs-backupfiles.jpg|Backblaze Files For Backup|This tab shows all files in the backup queue.

backblaze-prefs-reports.jpg|Backblaze Reports|Reports shows a simple summary of key backup information.

backblaze-prefs-eventlog.jpg|Backblaze Events|Event log for debugging.

backblaze-restore.jpg|Backblaze Restore webpage|Files for restoration are selected and backup method chosen here.

3) Put the images and labels.txt file into a folder, ZIP and email to when done.

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