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Play that funky music

Of course the final test is streaming music to your PC. This server will support either Windows or Mac OSX versions of iTunes so whichever version you have, start it up. On the left hand side, in the "source" pane of the iTunes window, you should see a little blue icon with the name of your server as specified in the mt-daapd configuration file. Very slick. No searching, no configuration, nothing to do, it just appears.

If you've gotten this far, I shouldn't have to tell you what to do next. Select the blue icon, see your list of music, choose one and play it! I've successfully served music to three wireless laptops simultaneously. This little box has a lot more potential than Linksys gave it credit for!

iTunes in action

iTunes in action, courtesy of your modified NSLU2

Up to this point, we've limited ourselves to adding new packages to the NSLU2. Next time, prepare to shred your warranty, dig deeper and make some permanent changes. We'll burn our own flash, giving us a hook to automatically start our new processes. In the meantime, you can follow my adventures on my Linux on the NSLU2 page.

Tip! Tip: If you want to skip all this stuff and just want a binary that you can load onto your NSLU2, you can download the 185 kB file from here.

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