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Setup and Administration

Aside from cosmetic differences (including the absence of Tritton branding in the ASAP's interface), default IP (BOSS = / ASAP = and the inclusion of web server capbilities on the ASAP, the user interfaces of both products are identical. So as I run through the admin capabilities, you can assume that the screen shots you see are the same on both products unless otherwise noted.

The internal DHCP server comes enabled, so if you know how to do a DHCP release / renew (or where the XP Repair button is) you should be able to grab a suitable IP address and log in with the same default password. If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with Windows (or IE 5.2 or higher with MacOS) you should be directed to the System Information page shown in Figure 3 upon login. If you use any other browser (I tried Mozilla 1.6b), you'll get a 403 Forbidden screen with "Current version only supports "Internet Explore 5.0" or above" message.

ASAP System Information page

Figure 3: ASAP System Information page

Even when I used the required browser, the ASAP refused to send me directly to the System Info page once I logged in - instead presenting me with IE's dreaded "This page cannot be displayed" page. After some futzing around, I found that clicking the Detect Network Settings link on that page finally coughed up the System Information page about 10 seconds later. This problem seems to be client system specific (probably due to IE's version) and doesn't happen on the BOSS, which came with newer firmware (1.42) than the ASAP. When I told Tritton about the problem, they offered to send me the same rev firmware as the BOSS had, but don't post that firmware for download from their website.

Attempts to access the admin server from multiple computers revealed that once you're logged in, admin access attempts from any other clients will be met with a "403 Forbidden" response. I couldn't find an admin logout button, so had to wait out the non-adjustable admin timeout (which I think is 5 minutes) or resort to rebooting the product in order to allow a different client to access the admin server.

On a more positive note, remote admin worked ok (except as noted above) and you can set the port it operates on, but can't restrict access to specific IP addresses. The admin interface also responded quickly and most changes were accepted without requiring a long reboot cycle.

Moving on, Figure 4 shows that PPPoE, PPTP, DHCP and Fixed IP address WAN connection types are supported.

ASAP Basic settings

Figure 4: ASAP Basic settings

This will probably handle most users' needs, but note that Domain and Host name authentication options aren't supported and WAN MAC address spoofing is supported only when using the DHCP client connection type. There's also no way to adjust MTU, which could present problems for PPPoE / PPTP users or VPN connections.

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