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Ranker Performance Summary
Nighthawk X4S Smart WiFi Gaming Router


Test Notes:
- Revision 10 process using firmware. Storage results copied from Revision 9, not retested
- Revision 9 process firmware tested: V1.0.2.04
- Revision 8 process firmware tested: v1.0.0.40

# 1 for Total router (17.8)
# 1 for 2.4 GHz Avg. Throughput (1.0)
#1 for 2.4 GHz Avg. Downlink Throughput [68.7727 Mbps]
#1 for 2.4 GHz Avg. Uplink Throughput [72.6591 Mbps]
# 1 for 2.4 GHz Max. Throughput (1.5)
#2 for 2.4 GHz Max. Downlink Throughput [134.5 Mbps]
#1 for 2.4 GHz Max. Uplink Throughput [137.8 Mbps]
# 1 for 2.4 GHz Peak Throughput (1.0)
#1 for 2.4 GHz Peak Downlink Throughput [637.817 Mbps]
#1 for 2.4 GHz Peak Uplink Throughput [640.133 Mbps]
# 1 for 2.4 GHz Range (1.5)
#1 for 2.4 GHz Downlink Range [33.6 Mbps]
#2 for 2.4 GHz Uplink Range [39.3 Mbps]
# 1 for 5 GHz Avg. Throughput (1.5)
#1 for 5 GHz Avg. Downlink Throughput [295.212 Mbps]
#2 for 5 GHz Avg. Uplink Throughput [278.644 Mbps]
# 1 for 5 GHz Max. Throughput (1.0)
#1 for 5 GHz Max. Downlink Throughput [614.2 Mbps]
#1 for 5 GHz Max. Uplink Throughput [644.9 Mbps]
# 1 for 5 GHz Peak Throughput (1.0)
#1 for 5 GHz Peak Downlink Throughput [942.113 Mbps]
#1 for 5 GHz Peak Uplink Throughput [949.446 Mbps]
# 1 for 5 GHz Range (2.5)
#1 for 5 GHz Downlink Range [143.7 Mbps]
#4 for 5 GHz Uplink Range [91.6 Mbps]
# 1 for TCP Throughput (1.0)
#1 for WAN to LAN Throughput - TCP [941 Mbps]
#1 for LAN to WAN Throughput - TCP [939 Mbps]
# 6 for HTTP Score (8.5)
#8 for HTTP Score - WAN to LAN [25.65 %]
#9 for HTTP Score - LAN to WAN [26.275 %]
# 4 for Bufferbloat (4.0)
#3 for Bufferbloat Score - Average Downlink [557 Score]
#5 for Bufferbloat Score - Average Uplink [430 Score]
# 1 for CTF Score (1.0)
#1 for CTF Score [99.4 %]
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