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Gathering the Parts" />

Gathering the Parts

Here is a suggested parts list with approximate prices for the Flexilis version of the gun. Some parts such as the antenna and computer can be substituted, and creative folks will probably figure out simpler ways to fabricate some of the metal parts that we describe.

- Parts List for BlueSniper Gun -

Folding Stock - About $50.00

Scrap metal for antenna coupler - Can use metalshop scraps, or a few bucks at Home Depot
  • Antenna Plate 3/16" x 6" Cold Rolled Flat Bar Mild Steel
  • Antenna Coupler 1/16" x 2" Cold Rolled Flat Bar Mild Steel
Scrap metal for magazine holder - Can use metalshop scraps, or a few bucks at Home Depot
  • Magazine Box - 1/16" x 4" Cold Rolled Flat Bar Mild Steel
Mounting Hardware - Under five dollars at Home Depot
  • (2) three inch hex bolts (with corresponding nuts and washers) to cross bolt the antenna coupler to the stock
  • (1) three inch hex bolt (with corresponding nuts and washers) to bolt the magazine to the stock
  • (4) two inch hex bolts (with corresponding nuts and washers) to bolt the antenna mounting plate to the antenna coupler
Radome Yagi Antenna of Your Choice - $60.
  • 14.5 dBi Radome Yagi WLAN Directional Antenna ( Part HG2415Y-NF)
Pigtail Connector - $20.00
  • LMR-100 MMCX to N-Male Pigtail ( CA-MMNMCN19 )
GumStix Embedded PC and Accessories - $200.00 <Electrical and Wiring for "Magazine" (Parts from Radioshack)
  • (1) 3xAAA battery enclosure
  • (3) AAA NiMH 1.2V batteries (Nominally 1.2v, range from 1.4v-1v for most of discharge cycle)
  • (1) 5mm ~5v blue LED
  • (1) 5mm LED mount
  • 2 position toggle switch
  • 1.5 ft 22-gauge stranded-core wire
  • (1) RadioShack Adaptaplug H

Basic metal working skills are helpful in making the BlueSniper rifle. But if you don't feel confident working with metal, students at any high school or college metal shop will often be more than happy to help for a small fee. This is a good idea because they will get much needed practice, and often these shops will have metal scraps lying around, so you might not have to pay for some materials.

Here are the tools needed

  • Drill Press
  • Saw
  • Welder
  • Soldering Iron
  • Sander - Mechanical is nice, but hand-sanding is acceptable.

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