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Hi all,I've done some searching on the forums but came up empty (maybe I do not even know what to search for!). I have a T-Mo branded (AC1900) Asus RT...
Hi All, I am running ASUSWRT-Merlin 380.65_4 on my RT-ACC66U and I am getting this error and don´t know how to get rid of it. admin@RT-AC66U:/...
I'm hoping for some assistance with the proper config of the Adamm firewall for my specific home setup.I have installed and run for a couple of days a...
I am trying to optimize QOS, and before I do so for services, I need to get the settings right. What I am finding are the settings perform inverse of ...
Hican someone guide me on how to install "keepalived" package for RT-N66U n...

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