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Hi,In Dual Wan mode, how to manually (command line / script ?) switch between Primary WAN (DSL) and secondary WAN (Ethernet LAN 3) ?Thanks
1) When OpenVPN is setup on Asuswrt-Rmerlin, how do you verify all outbound, non-DHCP traffic is going through the VPN ?2) How does a killswitch enfor...
I'm trying to figure out when would it be good to use 802.11w Protected Management Frames. How much of a hit will it cause on performance?Also, is ena...
I have a ASUSWRT-MERLIN rt-n66u connected to AT&T DSL via a pace 5286AC modem. my second wan is samsung tablet via USB. it fails over fine when it see...
HelloI have what I hope is a simple problem. When I have client 1 connected to my VPN provider, I am NOT able to connect to my pc's from outside of th...

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