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I've been trying to get OpenVPN up and running for a while now. I'll hack at it a bit and get frustrated, and just turn pptp on for a while. I'm at it...
Hi, using 382.2,My system clock in GUI and in terminal when I key date is the correct time of GMT +8.However in the GUI, I have this message * Reminde...
Importing via Qnap NAS (Control Panel/Security/Certificate & Private Key) section will only replace the default Qnap security certificate for the NAS....
I have a configuration where I have an RT-AC3100 as a primary router, with two additional outdoor routers connected to the WAN port of the AC3100. The...
Has anyone experienced any issues regarding performance degradation with a RT-AC3100 after updating to 382.1_2? I updated the firmware last night and ...

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