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Currently running the subject ASUS firmware and would like to move to Merlin. Which version of Merlin is best and can I update directly through the fi...
I would like to assign IP addresses in groups like this:-- static devices, f.ex. printers, file shares, and media servers - - 99- home us...
Asus Router uses SMB v3.6 on Linux kernel v2.6 (armv7)Synology uses SMB v4.4 on Linux kernel v2.6 (armv5tel)Should I worry about the fileshare on my r...
Hi,Have the following question.Could (Wireless - General) be disabled turned off but (Guest Network) be turned on.I am not talking about Hide SSID but...
I generated a new ssh key this morning, using PuTTy Key Generator as I previously saw dropbear in syslog warning for using a SHA1 key, allthough I was...

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