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Hi all,Asus AC68 running 380.69_2 here.My issue is that in Network map I see a client connected with its local IP (via DHCP), with the badge STATIC. H...
I’m generally ok with networks and vlans but unsure what to do with my scenario??Their are x2 Internet connections, first for a security firm, only fo...
Hi guys,I am using an ASUS RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware 384.3, and have wonderful scripts running on it (FreshJR_QoS, AB-Solution and Skynet - the la...
So this seems to be a QOS setting that can be turned on/off with Alexa.The documentation for it is pretty weak so I am wondering if someone can shed s...
Hi, I've got a strange problem, I have 3x ac86u, one as main router and two that I use as nodes (one in the hallway and one in the bedroom, I have an ...

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