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The Asus firmware instructions say to check the MD5 code after unzipping.When I unzip, I get a .TRX file. How do I check the MD5 Code?Thanks.
I'm on 380.66_2 (I'll update now) on a RT-N66U.I was fiddling around with WPS in the WebUI which means I clicked:- Enable WPS maybe 2 or 3 times withi...
I'm using Merlin's 380.66_6 and want to route specific clients out over the tunnel and the rest over the Wan. In this scenario, do i have to essential...
Hi all,I have an RT-AC3100. I read the documentation on split tunneling (, and did s...
I have and asus RT-N66U running merlin which I have openvpn setup via which I turn on my server using the routers WOL once I have the VPN connected, t...
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