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hi all,Sorry if this has been covered,I have an RT-AC86U with 2 drives attached, media on the usb3 as sda and swap on usb2 as sdb.I have created a swa...
So I finally updated firmware from legacy 380, and it seems like the OpenVPN server is "stuck" - it never starts running ("Initialinzing the settings ...
Ok, I know that what I did is stupid, but I need your help please.I got my 2nd AC1900, made it to AC68U. All was good, until I decided to overclock it...
My router seems to restart randomly multiple times per day, generally with a several hour intermission. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm on the latest ...
Ugh!!!I've been operating with aimesh and smart connect for about a week now but have had an extremely annoying issue for the last week with a single ...

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