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HelloHave the Asus TM AC1900 from T-Mobile a few years back. I upgraded to Cox's Gigabit plan using their provided Arris TM3402A modem. Hooked everyth...
Having to switch over to cable due to bandwidth needs and we are stuck with a dynamic ip.I vaguely remember that i can use the dns service in the Asus...
Hey all,I'm currently runing "" stock and want to switch to Merlin but the upgrade via the stock firmware upgrade method doe...
The monitor seems to keep losing data i can't check Dec 15th i guess i reseted the router and it was wiped, now my router thinks its the 17th (must ha...
I just got the X4s R7800 , and immediately loaded the latest Voxel firmware. I am fairly sure I mirrored all the settings exactly, including my port f...
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