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Routing Performance

Under the hood, the Linksys RV082 is equipped with a 533 MHz INTEL XScale IXP425 processor, 32MB of DRAM and 16MB of flash memory. Its 20Mbps or so routing performance is decent, but by no means best-of-breed for current generation routers.

I also decided to run some performance tests of the RV082's gigabit switch (Table 1) using IXIA's Chariot 5.0 and Intel Pro 1000 MT adaptors on both endpoint machines. I baselined the setup using an Asante Gigabit switch, which showed that the gigabit copper network was running at 203.7 Mbps average (266.6 Mbps max). The baselining was done to determine the maximum I could expect to transmit and receive over ethernet between my two end-points. I wanted to make sure that any numbers I derive are a result of the Linksys RV082 and not as a result of my Ethernet network.

The numbers also highlight that the theoretical maximum of 1000 Mbps is just that, theoretical, with the actual throughput being about 25% of the rated speed for the gigabit cards and the intervening Asante switch. For the baseline test my response time averaged 0.003 seconds. As a second point of reference I ran the same test, this time through a 3COM SuperStack gigabit switch. Here the throughput was 247 Mbps (266.6 Mbps max). With the 3COM switch the response time also averaged 0.003 seconds.

Finally, I ran both endpoints through the RV082's LAN switch. Seeing that the Linksys is a 10/100 device, a throughput of 81.6 Mbps is pretty solid, though lower than the Intel 460T, which is a dedicated 10/100 switch. The response time was 0.009, not as fast as we saw with the through the gigabit switches, but matching the Intel 10/100. Figures 19 and 20 show Chariot plots of the RV082's switch throughput and response time.

Device Throughput (Average) Mbps Throughput (Max) Mbps Response Time (sec)
Asante GX5-800P (10/100/1000)
3COM SuperStack 3 (10/100/1000)
Intel Express 460T (10/100)
Linksys RV082 (10/100)
Table 1: Gigabit performance comparison

Linksys RV802 - Switch throughput

Figure 19: Switch throughput

Linksys RV802 - Switch Response time

Figure 20: Switch response time

Routing Performance Test Results

Test Description Transfer Rate (Mbps) Response Time (msec) UDP stream
Throughput (kbps) Lost data (%)
WAN - LAN 19.8 3 (avg)
7 (max)
499 0
LAN - WAN 22.2 1 (avg)
6 (max)
499 0
Firmware Version 1.0.11 (Jan 16 2004)

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