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Wi-Fi Router Charts

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Mesh System Charts

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Internet Radio/iPod

The Synology products also support streaming of Internet radio stations. The server list comes pre-populated with 21 Internet radio stations (Figure 9). If those stations don’t satisfy your tastes, you can add your own favorite station. I was able to add my favorite Jazz station (KCSM – San Mateo) and have been streaming the station for the last three days. The Internet radio player supports both MP3 as well as RealMedia format, but Windows Media Player format is not supported.

Internet radio
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Figure 9: Default Internet Radio Station list plus the addition of one of my favorites

The last feature of the Synology Music Player is "iPod." When you attach your iPod to one of the USB ports, the DS107 polls the device for its tracks and playlists. 

iPod player
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Figure 10: Synology Music Player with an iPod attached

Once polled, you have access to what appears to be some, but not all of the playlists on the iPod. In this example, the top 25, recently added, and recently played lists, available on my iPod, were not available in the drop-down list (Figure 10). I also noted that it took what I considered a relatively long time to change between playlists. After I changed playlists and clicked on play, it took ~70 seconds (!) before the first song in a playlist of 48 started to play.  

It also appears that you can play tracks not included in a playlist by clicking on the name_IPOD. I clicked on cellison’s_IPOD and eventually it started playing tracks. However, when the music list screen opened, it was limited to a single screen. Perhaps the number of files on my iPod slowed it down, but I don’t consider 5,000 tracks to be excessive. Though this feature did work, it’s not one that I’d like use very often. You have much more control playing your music with iTunes.


It’s not surprising that with three different hardware configurations you’d see different performance results. As you might expect, of the three models, the DS107e was the slowest performer and the DS107+ was the fastest. All of the performance results are detailed in the NAS performance charts. Using the interactive charts, you can create your own comparisons.

Testing Notes:

  • The DS107e was the first of the three models that was tested. It was tested with version 2.0.3 - 509 firmware that, by default, had CIFS database optimization disabled, which would product lower performance results. Version 2.0.3 - 510 firmware, installed on both the DS107 and DS107+ changed the default to enable database optimization. The DS107e has now been upgraded to the same level of firmware and new, directly comparable results will be posted shortly.
    Updated 9/19/2007 - Performance results and charts updated with DS107e retest data.
  • Tests were performed with the following drives provided by Synology:
    DS107e: WDC WD2500JS-60NCB1
    DS107, DS107+ : Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250820AS
  • The full testing setup and methodology are described on this page.
  • To ensure connection at the intended speeds, the iozone test machine and NAS under test were manually moved between a NETGEAR GA108 10/100/1000Mbps switch for gigabit-speed testing and a 10/100 switch for 100 Mbps testing.

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