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Setup is very easy. As is my custom, I didn't install the Storage Manager software on the included CD. Instead, I checked my router's DHCP client list for the iConnect's IP address and entered it into my browser to reach the home page shown in Figure 5. You get auto-forwarded to a three-step wizard, that has you name the iConnect, optionally set up email alerts and set up the internal clock.

iConnect Home page

Figure 5: iConnect Home page

As with other recent Iomega NASes, the admin interface is also available via secure HTTPS. But it won't auto-forward you to HTTPS if you connect via HTTP. Once I did connect via HTTPS, however, I couldn't get it to go back to a non-encrypted connection.


Since the iConnect runs EMC's Linux-based Lifeline OS, the iConnect shares many of the features of the ix2-200 and ix4-200d. Figure 6 shows the iConnect's Settings page...

iConnect Settings page

Figure 6: iConnect Settings page

... which you can compare to the ix4-200d's page shown in Figure 7.

ix4-200d Settings page

Figure 7: ix4-200d Settings page

Features supported by the iConnect are:

  • Network file sharing via SMB/CIFS, AFP
  • NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ and EXT3 drive formats supported
  • HTTP / HTTPs file and admin access
  • Email alerts
  • Network Backup: Schedulable (smallest interval is one day) to / from rsync targets and SMB/CIFS shares
  • Unlimited Retrospect Backup clients for Windows and Mac OS
  • Supports Apple Time Machine backup
  • Auto file copy from PTP-enabled digital cameras
  • Secure Web-based remote access (locally hosted)
  • USB printer serving
  • UPnP AV / DLNA media server (Twonky Media)
  • Photo slideshow (uses Cooliris)
  • iTunes server
  • BitTorrent downloader

There are a few things that are missing, but probably won't be missed by the iConnect's target consumer:

  • NFS and AD are not supported
  • No FTP support
  • No storage quotas
  • No logging
  • No user groups
  • No drive spindown
  • No UPS shutdown sync

One feature alone might put the iConnect on your shopping list and that's Copy Jobs. This handy little feature will copy files between drives attached to the iConnect. But you can also use it to copy to and from the iConnect's drives and any networked SMB/CIFS shares, or even just between networked shares!

Figure 8 shows a scheduled job I set up between a folder on my QNAP TS-109 Pro and one of the iConnect's attached drives. I also covered this feature in the ix4-200d review, so there's a bit more detail there, including a walk through more setup screens.

Copy job from network share to attached drive

Figure 8: Copy job from network share to attached drive

I should note that I didn't have any problems browsing network shares. So it looks like the client name resolution problem I found in the ix4-200d has been fixed.

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