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ADM 2.1.1.R3B2 firmware was loaded onto a AS-204TE for testing, using the recently introduced Revision 5 NAS test process. The results for products tested with Revision 5 will vary slightly from the results created using Revision 4 and therefore are not directly comparable. Products tested with Revision 5 use a new, dark gray bar as compared to the lighter gray bar used for Revision 4.

Since the AS-202TE uses the same processor, RAM and Ethernet components, all testing was done on the AS-204TE. The AS-204TE tests used four drives configured in single RAID 0, 5 and 10 volumes. The AS-202TE tests used two drives in single RAID 0 and 1 volumes.

The AS-204TE's Benchmark Summary below shows Windows File Copy write performance about the same for RAID 5 and 10, (~ 69 MB/s), but RAID 0 writes were almost 10% faster (76.2 MB/s) For Windows File Copy read performance, again, RAID 5 and RAID 10 turned in almost identical results. (~ 97 MB/s). However, RAID 0 read results trailed slightly behind at 94.9 MB/s. NASPT file copy write tests were faster than the corresponding windows file copy write tests for all RAID levels. The NASPT file copy read tests were slower than the corresponding Windows file copy read tests for all RAID levels.

ASUSTOR AS-204TE Benchmark Summary

ASUSTOR AS-204TE Benchmark Summary

With two drives mounted in the AS-204TE to represent the performance of the AS-202TE, RAID 0 Windows file copy write was about 2% faster than the corresponding RAID 0 write results with 4 drives (77.0 vs. 76.2 MB/s). With just 2 drives, RAID 0 Windows file copy write results were about 6% faster than the RAID 1 write results (77.9 vs. 73.5 MB/s).

For file copy read results, however, the story was reversed. RAID 1 windows file copy read was about 7.6% faster than the corresponding RAID 0 read results (97.4 vs. 90.5 MB/s). As with the AS-204TE NASPT tests, NASPT file copy tests were faster than the Windows file copy tests for write operations, and slower for read operations for both RAID 0 and RAID 1.

ASUSTOR AS-202TE Benchmark Summary

ASUSTOR AS-202TE Benchmark Summary

Comparative Performance - Four Bay

Filtering the NAS Ranker for 4 drives and dual core Atom processors you'll see that the ASUSTOR AS-604T, with Total NAS ranking of 11 out of 72, ranks as the top four-bay NAS. Looking down the chart, you'll see that the ASUSTOR AS-204TE comes in fifth of nine total products for the filtered results. From a value perspective, the AS-204TE looks like it's properly positioned, as there are no other less expensive devices with a better (lower) Total NAS ranking.

NAS Ranker for dual core Atom 4 bay NASes

NAS Ranker for dual core Atom 4 bay NASes

To understand the differences between the $588 AS-604T, its less expensive, somewhat lower-powered $428 AS-204TE sibling,and the $401 Thecus N4560, I created the composite Ranker Performance Summary below. Phrased another way, the detailed performance results help you to understand what you get if you spend the extra $160 to go for the top performing NAS in this filtered view. Or alternatively, what you'd get if you spent $27 less and bought the N4560.

As you can see, the AS-604T blows away the AS-204TE and the N4560 in every sub-category. Most noticeably, the AS-204TE's rankings are dragged down by the relatively poor read and write benchmarks. It ranks #42 for both subcategories. The AS-604T turned in strong performance in all sub-categories with iSCSI results leading the way. iSCSI performance was 96.9 MB/s for Write and 90.0 for Read and ranked #11 and #9 respectively.

Compared to the Thecus N4560, the ASUSTOR AS-204TE ranked lower for the Write benchmarks (#42 vs. #32), the Read benchmarks (#42 vs. #35), and for Video (#29 vs. #16). The AS-204TE outperformed the N4560 for Mixed Read/Write (#16 vs #20), iSCSI (#16 vs. #23), and significantly outranked the N4560 for backup (#24 vs. # 50).

Ranker Performance Summary comparison of the ASUSTOR AS-604T, the AS-204TE and the Thecus N44560

Ranker Performance Summary comparison of the ASUSTOR AS-604T, the AS-204TE and the Thecus N44560

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