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  • The overall look is simpler, with the the little ad and other boxes moved to the right column. Story teaser graphics have been enlarged to make things more visually interesting. The latest stories are listed with new stories added to the top and dated, so you can see at a glance what’s new.

  • Instead of having to navigate to each section to see what the most read stories are, you can now use the tabbed Most Read box that appears on each page.

  • Section navigation is up at the top of the page. Mousing over the bar drops down a menu where you can go directly to sub-sections. The drop-down is better than the last one, which drove me crazy too when I was trying to select right-most menu items.

  • Clicking on a section link (Wireless, NAS, etc) takes you to a section landing page with an updated look. This is where you want to go to get an overview of what’s new in each section. Articles are listed newest first.

  • Also up at the top of the page is the Login / Tools button. Click it to gain access to the Login box if you’re already a registered user. Or if you’re not, the Register link is there, too.

    On the left hand side you’ll find six icons. The first three allow you to choose the page width format:Narrow (800px); Wide (1024 px – the default); or Auto. You might need to switch to Auto when using the Wireless Charts, since some of the tables get pretty wide. The last three let you bump the font size up and down or reset it to the default setting.

  • One of my resolutions is to post more regularly in the Blog. But the truth is, I don’t, so I’ve moved that link below the Home menu. I’m still open to guest bloggers, so drop me a note if you want to try that out.

I’m still settling in and may not have worked all of the kinks out of the new format. So if you see something funky, or have a suggestion for a change, just drop me a note.

As always, I’m glad that you’re here and want to make the time you spend at SmallNetBuilder as useful as possible. Thanks for continuing to make SmallNetBuilder the best place on the net for small networkers everywhere!

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Those of you who have been following me since I hit the web back in 1997 know that I seem to change sites every few years or so. This might be due to some deep-seated personality flaw, but I think it's more just the nature of the web—or at least my approach to it.

This is actually the second time around for SmallNetBuilder, which first went up after my adventures with PracticallyNetworked and internet.com finally wound down. SNB was a fresh start from PracticallyNetworked and ran on what became a highly-modified version of PostNuke. It wasn't long after SNB was launched that my association with Omid Rahmat and TG Publishing began—a great partnership that continues today.

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SmallNetBuilder is fortunate to have a talented and faithful audience. Our best contributors have always come from our readers, and I'm always looking to tap that vast wealth of experience.

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I share Glenn Fleishman's disappointment with this week's announcement by the Wi-Fi Alliance that they have only begun their certification testing. But judging from what I've seen so far, getting draft 11n gear up to spec is going to be a long, difficult process.

I spent a few days last week testing a D-Link DIR-655 router and DWA-652 Cardbus card, which are based on Atheros XSPAN silicon. These are the first products to have firmware and drivers posted that allegedly implement 11n Draft 2.0 compliance. My primary focus was to see whether the legacy protection mechanisms added in 802.11n Draft 2.0 were working in actual product.