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Tim Higgins

Here’s a little about the folks who make SmallNetBuilder tick.

You can reach any of us via the Contact Us page
or emailing [email protected].

Tim Higgins – Managing Editor

Tim doesn’t quite know how he became a web journalist, but suspects it has
something to do with karma or past lives. A few decades as an engineer in the
automatic test equipment industry taught him how to make products tell their secrets,
which he shares via SmallNetBuilder.

During his time on the Web, Tim has created a number of influential networking-focused
websites including PracticallyNetworked, SmallNetBuilder (version 1.0), TomsNetworking
and now version 2.0 of SmallNetBuilder.

Craig Ellison – Contributor, Industry Analyst

Craig writes extensively about products and trends in the high tech industry.
As a 15-year veteran of PC Magazine’s labs, he was exposed to a broad range
of products and developed many of the testing protocols used in the labs.

Craig now focuses on small business networking products, wireless networking,
GPS navigation products and digital photography. A long-time computer enthusiast,
his career in technology stretches back to the mid 80s when he installed the first
LAN at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Doug Reid – Contributor

Doug has been fascinated with networks since discovering the joys of playing
computer video games over the Internet and hosting LAN parties.

Doug is the Director of Network Operations for an International VoIP and Network provider. Doug has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) and VoIP Professional (CCVP).

Scott DeLeeuw – Contributor

Scott was introduced to computers via an Atari 800XL and still remembers loading programs from a cassette drive. He’s an enterprise application administrator for a large healthcare company by day and "tinkerer" by night.

He enjoys coming up with creative solutions to problems that people never knew they had. While the solutions on the back end may be complex, he really tries to focus on making the user experience transparent. Articles that don’t fit SmallNetBuilder often go on his site, http://www.homenetworkenabled.com.

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