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Function AirLink101
WAN Static PPPoE Static PPPoE PPTP (static & dynamic)
PPTP (static & dynamic) PPTP (static & dynamic) L2TP (static & dynamic)
L2TP (static & dynamic) L2TP Big Pond
Big Pond Big Pond Can release/renew WAN IP
Static IP, Dynamic IP and Big Pond support one-to-one NAT for 5 WAN IP addresses Can release/renew WAN IP  
WAN MAC address clone    
Can release / renew WAN IP    
MTU Adjust Yes, for all WAN types Yes Yes, for PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP connections
Set Lease time
No Yes Yes, in fixed increments from 30 minutes to forever
DHCP Reserve address Yes, 4 IP addresses No No
Static Port Forwarding 20 port ranges -10 ranges 20 port ranges
  UDP & TCP (can't select) TCP/UDP or both 20 single ports with separate public & private port settings
  Each forwarding rule can be set to use one of 10 day / time schedule rules   TCP,UDP or both
Triggered Port Forwarding 8 port ranges -10 ranges 19 port ranges
  Both TCP/UDP (not selectable) TCP/UDP or both TCP or UDP selectable for ports and trigger
Port Filtering 8 inbound and 8 outbound rule sets to deny or allow Internet access for one IP address and range of ports Deny or allow all LAN and Internet access for 10 MAC addresses Deny or allow all Internet access for 20 MAC addresses
  Each rule can select a day / date schedule rule NOT time based Can deny or allow access to specific ports for 20 IP addresses
  Deny or allow all LAN and Internet access for 4 MAC addresses Cannot filter access to specific services (ports) NOT time-enabled
Content Filtering 9 domain filters w/ selective logging Deny or allow acess to 20 keyword / URL filters for ALL clients 20 keyword filters that apply to all clients. Not time-enabled
  Can set range of IP addresses that bypass filter NOT time based  
  Domain filters block DNS queries, but can be bypassed by using IP address    
  10 keyword filters    
VPN Pass-through PPTP (8 sessions) PPTP PPTP only. Vendor says multiple sessions "within reason" supported.
  L2TP (same as # of NAT sessions) L2TP  
  IPSec (16 sessions) IPSec  
    Can support multiple pass-through sessions to a single remote gateway  
Other Firewall Can Block WAN Ping response Block WAN Ping response Application Layer Gateway support for Amanda, Egg, FTP, H323, IRC, MMS, Quake3, Talk, TFTP, Starcraft and MSN file transfer (see screenshot)
  Cannot disable SPI Gaming mode enable (default on) Can disable NAT
  No proxy, JavaScript, etc. blocking (Gaming mode is "more lenient" about the source IP and ports accepted. Also referred to as "Loose UDP") Block WAN Ping response
    Multicast Stream (default on) Enables for Ping of Death, port scan, sync flood blocking
    Cannot disable SPI Can disable SPI
    No proxy, javascript, etc. blocking No proxy, javascript, etc. blocking
UpnP Not supported Enabled by default Disabled by default
Admin Select port for remote admin (default off) Select port 80, 88, 1080 or 8080 for remote admin (default off) Select port for remote admin (default off)
  Can restrict to ONE IP address can restrict to ONE IP address Can restrict to ONE IP address
  Can change admin idle logout time Separate logins for admin and user. User can see, but not change settings Cannot change admin idle logout time
  Can reboot Can reboot Can reboot
  Can reset to defaults Can reset to defaults Can reset to defaults
  Can save, but not restore settings Can save / restore settings Cannot save / restore settings
  Supports SNMP management    
Logging System event logging and selective logging of content filters System events only (no traffic) Separate system and security event logging
  Can clear, save or email log (must use IP address of SMTP server) Can clear, but not save or email Can clear and save, but email logs
  Supports syslog logging No syslog or SMTP trap logging No syslog or SMTP trap logging
  Logged events added on to bottom of window (must scroll window down to see) No email alerts No email alerts
      Logged events added on to bottom of window (must scroll window down to see)
Other Features Dynamic DNS client for dyndns, DHS, TZO Force WAN port speed Dynamic DNS client for dyndns, 3322, DHS, ODS, TZO, GnuDIP, DyNS, ZoneEdit, DHIS
  Inbound / outbound packet stats Set time via NTP Supports 802.1d Spanning Tree protocol
  Can set 8 Static routes VCT cable test WAN/LAN packet stats
  Supports time setting from NTP server, but does not auto-set Ping utility  
  Can send WakeUp command to selected LAN computer WAN/LAN packet stats  
AC Power Range 120 V 100 - 120 V 120 V
Firmware Version Tested R1.97e5c 1.04 3.25
Upload speed (Mbps) 91 17 26
Download speed (Mbps) 92 17 25
Up/Down speed (Mbps) 93
(high variation)
17 25
Max simul connections 64 32 64
CPU AMRISC 9041 Marvell 88E6218-LG0 Infineon ADM5120P
Switch IC Plus IP175C 5 port 10/100 switch Internal to CPU Internal to CPU
RAM size (Mbytes) 2 8 16
Flash size (Mbytes) 0.5 1 2

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