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NAS Performance - Read

To see how well the G600 performed, I used IOzone to check the G600's file system performance as described here. The test was run under Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop with 384 MB of RAM. A Seagate 120 GB Barracuda 7200 RPM with 8MB Cache was the hard drive loaded into the G600.

For my Gigabit network setup, I used a Netgear GA511 Gigabit PC card in my laptop, which was directly connected to the G600 with a network cable. For wireless, the G600 was connected to my WPA encrypted Apple Airport Express access point running in 802.11g mode.


  • How fast a computer can read or write data to a drive depends on many factors specific to the system running the test, so this test may not represent the actual performance you'd see on your own system.
  • The maximum theoretical data transfer rate possible on a 100 Mbit network is around 12,000 kBps, so any values that exceed that number are as a result of caching behavior, not network speed.
  • Wireless performance will vary greatly depending on the speed and reliability of your wireless connection.

For my wireless tests, I didn't try to optimize wireless signal quality, nor to test the limits of the G600's wireless range. I just used the device where and how I naturally would in my house. This meant that the G600 was on a different floor, and probably about 20 to 30 feet from the 802.11g Apple Airport Express access point to which it was connected.

I should also mention that when I started running my IOzone tests, I was consistently disconnected from the device; this persisted over reboots of both my test system and the G600 itself. I consulted with engineers at D-Link, but they were unable to replicate my problem using the same IOzone test. After a day or so, I went back to the tests and the disconnects no longer occurred. I had seemingly changed nothing, so it is not clear what made the problem go away.

Figures 11 through 13 show read performance for a range of file and record sizes, using 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Ethernet connections, as well as the 802.11g wireless connection that I described above.

Figure 10: 100 MBit Read Performance (click image to enlarge)

Figure 11: 100 MBit Read Performance
(click image to enlarge)

100 Mbps read performance was on par with other drives in this class, and Figure 11 shows a slight performance benefit from using a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Figure 11: 1000 MBit Read performance (click image to enlarge)

Figure 12: 1000 MBit Read performance
(click image to enlarge)

As expected, wireless connection causes a significant throughput hit, so you would probably only want to use that mode as a last resort.

Figure 12: Wireless Read Performance (click image to enlarge)

Figure 13: Wireless Read Performance
(click image to enlarge)

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