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Average throughput for 32 to 1G filesizes comes in at 13.8 MB/s for both write and read with a gigabit 4K jumbo frame network connection. I used the NAS Charts to plot the comparison plots shown in Figures 5 and 6 for the DS-207, DS-106e and CS-406.


  • Firmware version tested was 2.0.3-0452
  • The full testing setup and methodology are described on this page
  • To ensure connection at the intended speeds, the iozone test machine and NAS under test were manually moved between a NETGEAR GS108 10/100/1000Mbps switch for gigabit-speed testing and a 10/100 switch for 100 Mbps testing.

Figure 5 shows write performance as expected, with the 207 in the middle of its siblings.

Gigabit 4K Jumbo Write performance comparison

Figure 5: Gigabit 4K Jumbo Write performance comparison - Synology

Read performance (Figure 6) is a bit of a surprise with the 207 coming in below the 106e for most of the large file sizes.

Gigabit 4K Jumbo Read performance comparison

Figure 6: Gigabit 4K Jumbo Read performance comparison - Synology

But what about performance against the competition? Figures 7 and 8 show the DS-207, D-Link DNS-323, HP mv2020 and a newcomer to the market, Hammer Storage's myshare. I switched to a straight gigabit LAN connection for this comparison because neither the D-Link nor HP NASes supports jumbo frames.

Figure 7 shows the DNS-323 on top, followed by the Hammer myshare. The DS-207 and HP share bottom ranking, with performance that tracks closely for filesizes from 128MB to 1GB.


Gigabit 4K Jumbo Write performance comparison - competition

Figure 7: Gigabit 4K Jumbo Write performance comparison - competition

Read results (Figure 8) show that the Hammer myshare takes the top position, with the D-Link falling to third place. The DS-207 and HP part ways this time, with the 207 staying in the cellar.

Gigabit 4K Jumbo Read performance comparison - competition

Figure 8: Gigabit 4K Jumbo Read performance comparison - competition

If you haven't had enough fun with performance plots yet, go over to the NAS Charts and make your own!

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