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The 109s were tested with our standard test process. I upgraded the 109+ to its latest DSM 2.1-0843 and left the 109's latest DSM 2.1-0839 in place before starting to test. Both products had Samsung HD753LJ 750 GB drives installed by Synology.

Tests were run with 1000 Mbps and 1000 Mbps with 4k jumbo LAN connections. I'm generally no longer testing with a 100 Mbps connection, unless performance shows that it won't limit speed.


I first checked backup performance to an Iomega UltraMax Pro Desktop Hard Drive configured in RAID 0 attached via both USB 2.0 and eSATA. The test copies a 4.35 GB ripped DVD test folder that I use in the NAS Chart Vista SP1 file copy tests from the NAS to the attached drive.

The results summarized in Table 1 show a new backup performance high of 66.63 MBytes/sec when the 109+ backed up via eSATA to the EXT3-formatted Iomega drive.

Product Synology DS109+
Backup Throughput (MBytes/s)
Synology DS109
Backup Throughput (MBytes/s)
Backup Throughput (MBytes/s)
USB - FAT32 17.44 20.96 20.67
USB - EXT3 17.86 23.62 N/A
eSATA - FAT32 46.02 40.58 45.09
eSATA - EXT3 66.63 49.05 N/A
Table 1: Attached backup throughput test summary

Since I had two Synology products on the bench, I tested network backup between them. Table 2 summarizes the results, for full backups without and with the encryption option enabled. Speeds are roughly equivalent to backing up to an attached USB drive. Note, however, that enabling the encrypted (SSH) connection knocked backup speeds down by slightly over 70%.

Product Synology DS109+
Backup Throughput to DS109 target
Synology DS109
Backup Throughput to DS109+ target
NAS-NAS 17.78 19.00
NAS-NAS (encrypted) 5.01 5.32
Table 2: Networked backup throughput test summary


Figure 9 presents a summary of the benchmark tests run for the DS109+. Moderate cache effects are present up to 256 MB file size for writes and throughput is slightly reduced with 4K jumbo frames—typical for my test setup.

Performance with a 1000 Mbps LAN connection averaged over the 32 MB to 4 GB file sizes and with cached results above 125 MB/s removed from the average comes in at 46.9 MB/s for writes and 59.1 for reads.

Performance benchmark summary - DS109+

Figure 9: Performance benchmark summary - DS109+

Figure 10 presents a summary of the benchmark tests run for the DS109. Performance with a 1000 Mbps LAN connection averaged over the 32 MB to 4 GB file sizes and with cached results above 125 MB/s removed from the average comes in at 60.2 MB/s for writes and 51.7 for reads.

Performance benchmark summary - DS109

Figure 10: Performance benchmark summary - DS109

Since all write results came in under the 125 MB/s cache effect limit, all the higher cache speeds at the lower filesizes are included in the average calculation. This has the effect of making the DS109's average write speed look higher than the DS109+'s in the Charts. But when you look at the throughput vs. file size plot in the competitive plots below, you'll see that the DS109+ really is faster!

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