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Step 4: Enable 700p Bluetooth

Avoid my mistake, and use the minimum number of Bluetooth connections to get the job done. The minimum number of Bluetooth connections to get your laptop connected to the Internet is one: the connection between the laptop and the 700p.

When setting up my 700p, I made the mistake of connecting to too many Bluetooth-enabled devices. The first connection was between my laptop and the 700p, and with one Bluetooth connection, I had no problems getting a connection to the Internet. When I had four Bluetooth connections, my 700p started chiming when I tried to connect to the Internet, and then the connection stopped working.

I called the Verizon Wireless Technical Support Line, and the first words the technician said were, "How many Bluetooth connections does your Treo 700p have?" When I reduced the number of connections from four back to two (laptop and hands-free headset), my laptop was able to connect to the Internet again.

Since the connection setup needs the laptop to discover the 700p, and the 700p does not broadcast its existence by default, the first task you will need to perform is turning on its Visibility option so that the laptop can discover it.

Get your 700p and turn it on by pressing the red Power button located on the right side (shown in Figure 1); next, turn off the keyguard feature by pressing the Selector button in the center of the 5-Way Navigator; and then, press the Phone Handset button (bottom left).

Figure 1 shows the front of the 700p with a view of its phone screen, Send and Power buttons, 5-Way Navigator, and quick buttons.

The 700p Phone Screen, Send and Power Buttons, 5-Way 
      Navigator, and Quick Buttons

Figure 1: The 700p Phone Screen, Send and On Buttons, 5-Way Navigator, and Quick Buttons

Next, access the Bluetooth Setup screen on your 700p by clicking the Bluetooth icon (upper right corner of the screen). From Bluetooth Setup (shown in Figure 2), set the Bluetooth option to On, enter a Device Name for the 700p that is descriptive and helpful enough to distinguish it from other available Bluetooth devices when your computer looks for it, and set the Visibility option to Visible.

The phone is now visible to all Bluetooth devices, enabling your 802.11x base station to broadcast its name.

Note: After your computer pairs with the 700p, you can turn off the Visibility option if this worries you.

700p Bluetooth Setup Screen

Figure 2: 700p Bluetooth Setup Screen

When your 700p is broadcasting its existence, you can put the 700p down and move on to your laptop setup.

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