Paltalk adds Vumber Virtual Phone Numbers

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Tim Higgins

Vumber today announced a new partnership with Paltalk to provide
privacy-ensured virtual phone numbers to its user base.

Vumber is a virtual, disposable phone number that enables subscribers to choose
an additional phone number that can be linked to any existing phone line.

Subscribers can choose an area code in North America and Vumber will then assign
a seven-digit phone number in the area code of choice. Calls can be made to
and from a Vumber at any time. Calls made to your Vumber will ring on any phone
you select. Customers can also change their Vumber at any time.

Paltalk members are eligible for a free 30-day trial of Vumber’s service. A
rate of $4.99 per month will apply after the trial expires.

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