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11g vs. 11g - Maximum Throughput

My second set of 11g-only tests used the same products and same distances. But this time, I used the Chariot Throughput.scr to stimulate both WLANs. This script simply blasts a file between each test pair. I used a 200,000 Byte file size, TCP protocol and no delay between file sends.

Here's the complete list of conditions:

  • Atheros-based test pair set to "normal" 802.11g, channel 6
  • Broadcom-based 11g test pair on channel 11
  • Throughput.scr running on both WLANs. TCP protocol, 200,000 Byte file size, no delay between sends, unlimited data rate
  • 10 feet maximum between WLANs (both APs and STAs)
  • Broadcom-based WLAN started first, followed by Atheros-based WLAN 10 seconds later.
  • Data sent from STA to AP

Because this test uses all the bandwidth that each WLAN has to give, the spectrum generated by each WLAN will be maximum width, resulting in a worst-case channel overlap and worst-case interference scenario.

Figure 13 clearly shows that both WLANs suffer from their neighbor running at full-blast . Figures 14 and 15, though, show the interference gone with the WLANs separated by 30 and 50 feet, respectively.

Conclusion for this round:
Two 11g WLANs running at full speed (long downloads for example) can interfere at close range.

Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 10ft

Figure 13: Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 10ft
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 30ft

Figure 14: Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 30ft
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 50ft

Figure 15: Atheros 11g vs Broadcom 11g throughput - 50ft
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

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