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Netis WF2780 AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Router

AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router
At a glance
ProductNetis AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (WF2780)   [Website]
SummaryBargain AC1200 class router with Gigabit Ethernet ports, but no USB sharing
Pros• 3 guest networks / band
• Supports AP, Repeater, AP + WDS, WDS, client modes
Cons• No user guide
• No USB device sharing
• No HTTPS admin
• Not Wi-Fi Certified

Typical Price: $160  Buy From Amazon

The Monoprice 11538 is the same product.

The Netis WF2780 is the only router in the AC1200 roundup designed to be used vertically, horizontally, or mounted to the wall. It comes with a plastic base, shown in the product photo above, to provide stability when using it vertically.

It has four 5 dBi gain antennas - two each for the 2.4 GHz band and two for the 5 GHz band. The position of the antennas alternate between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with the 2.4 GHz antenna being the closest to the front panel. The antennas rotate for horizontal mounting as shown in the image at the top of this article.

The front panel has 12 status LEDs that are easy to see from a distance. From bottom to top the LEDs are labeled Power, WPS, System, 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz WAN, and LAN 1-4. The rear panel has Gigabit Ethernet ports for WAN (1), and LAN (4), a power socket, a WPS pushbutton and a pin reset hole. There are no indicator lights on the Ethernet ports, and the WF2780 does not have a power switch or a radio on/off switch.


The WF2780 is a Realtek-based router. Here is a summary of the key components:

  Netis WF2780
CPU Realtek RTL8197DN
Switch Realtek RTL8367RB
RAM 8 MB Nanya NT5TU32M16DG
Flash ? MB
2.4 GHz Radio Realtek RTL8192ER 2x2 bgn radio
5 GHz radio - Realtek RTL8812AR 2x2 ac radio
- Skyworks SKY85703 5 GHz front end (x2)
Netis WF2780 component summary

The CPU is located in the center of the PCB. Two gray antenna wires appear to be adjacent to the 2.4 GHz radio, and the 5 GHz radio and front-ends appear in the lower left corner of the PCB.

Netis WF2780 PCB

Netis WF2780 PCB

Hands On

As with most routers, you don't have to do too much to set up the WF2780. The Netis Quick Installation Guide recommends using a wired LAN connection to set up the router. Once connected, you just point your browser to and you'll be redirected to the Quick Setup page. By the way, all you get for documentation is the Quick Setup Guide; there is no user manual.

On this page, you choose your language (English is the default), your Internet connection type and configure basic wireless settings for both bands. By default, both wireless networks are enabled with a similar default names: For the 2.4 GHz network, the name is netis_2.4G_XXXXXX where XXXXXX represents the last six digits of the router's MAC address. The 5 GHz network is named netis_5G_XXXXXX. Both networks ship with wireless security enabled and use the same default wireless password: "password".

Netis WF2780 Landing Page

Netis WF2780 Landing Page

If you click on the Advanced icon, you land at the menu where you can configure all the WF2780's settings. The Advanced Setup page defaults to a status screen. However, the status screen seemed to be missing a lot of useful information such as time, date, number of current connections and router uptime.

Netif WF2780 Advanced Configuration Menu

Netis WF2780 Advanced Configuration Menu

The submenus are listed on the left side of the screen. As you click on a submenu to view it, any other open submenu closes. The Wireless 2.4G and Wireless 5G submenus are identical, so I'll only include one band in the screenshots. Below, I'll briefly summarize the unique features of the WF2780 and will include screenshots in a gallery at the bottom of the page. The WF2780 is a very basic router without some of the features found on other routers in this roundup, so the gallery will be short.

Wireless 2.4 G - Wireless Settings

The interesting setting on this page is the Radio Mode. The WF2780 has five radio modes. It defaults to "Access Point", which is the normal mode when operating as a router. It also supports Repeater, AP + WDS (Wireless Distribution System), WDS, or client mode. The 2.4 GHz network only has choices for 20 MHz or 40 MHz channels. It defaults to 40 MHz. The default "Radio Band" setting is 801.11 b+g+n for maximum client compatibility.

Wireless 2.4 G - Multiple SSID

The Netis WF2780 supports up to three additional wireless network SSIDs for each band. Each can have its own SSID, security settings and can be configured to allow access to LAN + WAN or WAN only. There are radio buttons to enable/disable each configured wireless network as well as SSID Broadcast.

Bandwidth control

Like the Totolink A2004NS reviewed below, the Netis WF2780 supports bandwidth-based QoS. QoS controls either guarantee or restrict bandwidth to hosts or a range of hosts for both uplink and downlink internet traffic.

Forwarding - Virtual Servers

The WF2780 supports Port Range Forwarding. It lumps protocols (UDP and TCP) together with 13 common services such as HTTP, POP3, etc. Similarly, it supports port triggering, but has only a very limited number of entries.

Access Control

The Netis router permits access control by IP Filtering, MAC filtering and domain filtering. You can build rules to either permit or deny access for specific hosts or the entire subnet. You can also apply day of week and time of day scheduling to any of the rules you create.

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