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The R6400 runs the Genie OS found across NETGEAR's wireless router family. Features include OpenDNS based parental controls, four-level priority based up and downlink (internet) QoS and OpenVPN VPN support.

NETGEAR R6400 Home Page

NETGEAR R6400 Home Page

A quick run through the admin screens uncovered a new VLAN/Bridge Settings option. The composite image created below shows both bridge and VLAN options activated; in actual operation you must choose one or the other.

NETGEAR R6400 VLAN / Bridge settings

NETGEAR R6400 VLAN / Bridge settings

Both features appear to support WAN connection requirements of some ISPs. Here's a Help file excerpt describing what they do.

VLAN / Bridge Settings Help

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require routers to send or receive virtual LAN packets for Internet connection. This requirement is common for fiber access.

Some IPTVs cannot work behind a wireless router's network address translation (NAT) firewall. You can create a network by bridging the IPTV port to Internet port without NAT.

Packets between ports in Internet group and Internet port are processed via NAT and firewall. Packets between ports in user defined VLAN tag group and Internet port are processed by bridge without NAT and firewall.

I've included a few other admin screens in the gallery.

Routing Performance

Updated 2/25/16 - Router performance retest due to measurement process error

Table 2 summarizes the routing performance of the R6400 plus the original R6300 and R6300V2. Comparing the R6400 and R6300v2, the R6400 is slightly better LAN - WAN, and the R6400 better WAN - LAN. The 6300v2 and 6400 both exceeded the 30,000 simultaneous connection point beyond which we rank all products equally.

Test Description R6400 R6300 v2 R6300
WAN - LAN (Mbps) 710 806 783
LAN - WAN (Mbps) 789 753 829
Total Simultaneous (Mbps) 1207 1228 808
Maximum Simultaneous Connections 36,261 30,099 4096
Firmware Version V1.0.0.24_1.0.13 V1.0.3.8_1.0.60 V1.0.0.68_1.0.16
Table 2: Routing throughput

The IxChariot composite plot for unidirectional up and downlink tests show average uplink about 10% higher than downlink, with both plots showing the cyclical variation common in this test.

NETGEAR R6400 routing unidirectional throughput

NETGEAR R6400 routing unidirectional throughput

The simultaneous up and downlink test shows average LAN - WAN over 200 Mbps higher than WAN - LAN. Both directions are relatively well-behaved, mirroring each other as throughput changes.

NETGEAR R6400 routing bidirectional throughput

NETGEAR R6400 routing bidirectional throughput

Storage Performance

The Router Charts contain benchmarks for FAT32 and NTFS volume formats with USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections (as applicable). But since we know USB 2.0 is slower and FAT32 has volume and file size limitations, we'll focus on comparing NTFS format with USB 3.0 connection performance.

The charts below show only AC1750 class routers. The R6300v2 and R6400 are essentially the same for write at 23 and 24 MB/s respectively, but the R6400's 42 MB/s read is significantly improved from the R6300v2's 26 MB/s and tops that benchmark chart for its class.

AC1750 class router storage throughput - NTFS & USB 3.0

AC1750 class router storage throughput - NTFS & USB 3.0

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