New to the Charts: D-Link DIR-625 RangeBooster N Router

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Tim Higgins

Unlike the DIR-615, the DIR-625 does support Ubicom’s StreamEngine auto-QoS technology for automatic management of uplink bandwidth. The latest 3.05 firmware also adds support for D-Link’s "SecureSpot" subscription-based managed security service.

On the wireless side, the DIR-625 properly defaults to 20 MHz bandwidth mode. It even (almost) properly supported a WPS push-button session using a D-Link DWA-642 client card. A unique SSID and security key were properly generated, propagated to the card and used to complete a secured connection. But the DIR-625 reported WPA-only / TKIP in use, while the card reported WPA2 (AES).

Wireless best-case throughput in the default 20 MHz bandwidth mode was in the 50 – 60 Mbps range. Switching to 40 MHz mode bumped wireless throughput up to 60 – 70 Mbps.

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