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My RT-AC66U with latest merlin firmware disconnects from internet almost everyday. Mostly it disconnects in the morning but sometime during other time...
Hi - I am experiencing a couple of problems with my new Orbi / PC. I am running Win7x64 SP1.The two problems may be related in some way - not sure.Her...
Hi!I could not find on the forum whether IEEE 802.15.4 is supported by Asus-Merlin firmware, and if not, whether whole fw has to be recompiled or just...
The house will be 2000 sq ft and have three bedrooms. The connecting devices will be:- 3x Smartphones- 2x Desktops- 1x PS4- 2x Chromecast TVs- 1x Goog...
HiI created an OpenVPN client in my DSL-AC68U to test,Then deactivated it and deleted it using Web console.But surprisingly now after every restart vp...

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