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m0n0wall Firewall V1.0 - Part 2

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 m0n0wall Firewall - Part 2

m0n0wall Firewall - Part 2
Summary Powerful and easy-to-configure FreeBSD firewall with Web GUI IPsec and PPTP endpoints and bandwidth shaping
Update 8/22/2004 m0n0wall 1.1 released.
Pros • Runs on both embedded PC platforms and normal PCs
• Includes bandwidth shaping and VPN endpoint features
• Free
Cons • Firewall configuration could be daunting for some users

In Part 1 of this review I described m0nowall's background and how to install it on both the Soekris net4501 embedded PC platform and normal PCs. In this second and final part, I'll take you through configuring m0n0wall, a review of some of its features, some performance testing and a look at what's next for m0n0wall.

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