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Most Popular Wireless This Week



Cisco updates Linksys Powerline adapter lineup

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Read more...Cisco today announced a refresh of its Linksys powerline adapter line.

The new line of "Linksys by Cisco" Powerline products include adapters based on both HomePlug 1.0 plus Turbo and HomePlug AV standards.

Zyxel USG100 Review, Part 2 - UTM

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Read more...The second and final part of our review covers the USG100's extensive UTM features.

Zyxel USG100 Unified Security Gateway Reviewed

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Read more...ZyXEL has packed a lot into its $500 UTM. Part 1 of our two-part review covers its routing, VLAN and VPN features.

Taming Your Network's Bandwidth Hogs - Part 2

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In our final Part 2, we look at two off-the-shelf ways to control up and downstream bandwidth.

Untangle announces free app to turn XP machine into network security gateway

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Open Source network security company Untangle today announced a free Windows XP application that can provide gateway security services for all computers on a LAN.

How To Set Up Server NIC Teaming

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NIC Teaming can increase server reliability and bandwidth.

Taming Your Network's Bandwidth Hogs - Part 1

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Most consumer routers are no help in controlling bandwidth black holes. But in the first part of our series, we look at a router distro that can provide some easy relief.

How To Set Up Switch Link Aggregation

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Read more...Link aggregation is easy to set up and is a quick fix for bandwidth bottlenecks.

Cisco takes over Linksys Small-Biz biz

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Cisco today said that is moving all Linksys small business programs and products under its Channel Partner umbrella.

A Powerful Open Source UTM: Untangle Gateway Reviewed

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Read more...It's hard to believe that you can get such a full-featured firewall/UTM for free.

Cisco to buy Pure Networks

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Cisco today said it is buying privately held Pure Networks, maker of Network Magic.

ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 Reviewed: Capable Center for a Small Biz Network

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Read more...ADTRAN's entry-level small business router has a feature set that will bring a smile to the face of experienced network admins.

New to the Charts: Adtran NetVanta 3120 Router

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The Adtran NetVanta 3120 Router has been added to the Router Charts. The 3120 is Adtran's entry-level "Service Access" router.

Slideshow: Adtran NetVanta 3120

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Adtran has packed many features into its entry-level small business router.
Updated 7/9/2008: Read the full review.

SolarWinds Wants to Wake up your LAN

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Read more...A free tool from SolarWinds makes it easy to remotely power on your PC.

Ubicom adds more powerful network processor line

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Ubicom has introduced a new family of more powerful StreamEngine processors for home networking and connected media devices.

SMC adds small-biz VPN router

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SMC Networks yesterday announced its SMCBR21VPN Barricade VPN Router aimed at telecommuting and branch office applications.

D-Link announces MoCA Coax Ethernet Networking kit

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D-Link today announced a MoCA-based Coax Ethernet Adapter and kit.

The DXN-221 Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit allows the use of existing television coaxial cable to extend an Ethernet connection without the need to install CAT 5/6 cable. The adapters are Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) certified and will coexist with cable television signals on the same coax.

Linksys' Naughty LELA

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Read more...Linksys really wants its new network setup tool to be welcomed into your home. But first, it needs to learn some manners.

IOGEAR adds USB device server

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IOGEAR today announced the release of its USB Net ShareStation, which enables network sharing of USB devices, including speakers and webcams.

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