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Most Popular Wireless This Week



Zyxel USG100 Unified Security Gateway Reviewed

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Read more...ZyXEL has packed a lot into its $500 UTM. Part 1 of our two-part review covers its routing, VLAN and VPN features.

Taming Your Network's Bandwidth Hogs - Part 2

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In our final Part 2, we look at two off-the-shelf ways to control up and downstream bandwidth.

Untangle announces free app to turn XP machine into network security gateway

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Open Source network security company Untangle today announced a free Windows XP application that can provide gateway security services for all computers on a LAN.

How To Set Up Server NIC Teaming

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NIC Teaming can increase server reliability and bandwidth.

Taming Your Network's Bandwidth Hogs - Part 1

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Most consumer routers are no help in controlling bandwidth black holes. But in the first part of our series, we look at a router distro that can provide some easy relief.

How To Set Up Switch Link Aggregation

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Read more...Link aggregation is easy to set up and is a quick fix for bandwidth bottlenecks.

Cisco takes over Linksys Small-Biz biz

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Cisco today said that is moving all Linksys small business programs and products under its Channel Partner umbrella.

A Powerful Open Source UTM: Untangle Gateway Reviewed

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Read more...It's hard to believe that you can get such a full-featured firewall/UTM for free.

Cisco to buy Pure Networks

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Cisco today said it is buying privately held Pure Networks, maker of Network Magic.

ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 Reviewed: Capable Center for a Small Biz Network

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Read more...ADTRAN's entry-level small business router has a feature set that will bring a smile to the face of experienced network admins.

New to the Charts: Adtran NetVanta 3120 Router

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The Adtran NetVanta 3120 Router has been added to the Router Charts. The 3120 is Adtran's entry-level "Service Access" router.

Slideshow: Adtran NetVanta 3120

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Adtran has packed many features into its entry-level small business router.
Updated 7/9/2008: Read the full review.

SolarWinds Wants to Wake up your LAN

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Read more...A free tool from SolarWinds makes it easy to remotely power on your PC.

Ubicom adds more powerful network processor line

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Ubicom has introduced a new family of more powerful StreamEngine processors for home networking and connected media devices.

SMC adds small-biz VPN router

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SMC Networks yesterday announced its SMCBR21VPN Barricade VPN Router aimed at telecommuting and branch office applications.

D-Link announces MoCA Coax Ethernet Networking kit

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D-Link today announced a MoCA-based Coax Ethernet Adapter and kit.

The DXN-221 Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit allows the use of existing television coaxial cable to extend an Ethernet connection without the need to install CAT 5/6 cable. The adapters are Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) certified and will coexist with cable television signals on the same coax.

Linksys' Naughty LELA

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Read more...Linksys really wants its new network setup tool to be welcomed into your home. But first, it needs to learn some manners.

IOGEAR adds USB device server

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IOGEAR today announced the release of its USB Net ShareStation, which enables network sharing of USB devices, including speakers and webcams.

IPv6 Basics

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Internet Protocol version 6, known as IPv6, is an upgrade to the world's most common network addressing scheme, Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). The purpose of this post is to provide you with some background information on IPv6 and some simple things that you can do to get acquainted with it.

Can DD-WRT or Tomato Fix Bad Routing?

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Read more...Alternative firmwares can provide lots more features. But neither of the two most popular loads is a clear winner when it comes to improving routing performance.

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