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You are here: NAS NAS Reviews Iomega ix4-300d StorCenter Network Storage Reviewed - Features

Iomega ix4-300d StorCenter Network Storage Reviewed - Features

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This bulleted feature summary below provides a bit more feature set detail.


  • Network file sharing via SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP
  • WebDAV support
  • Windows DFS support
  • HTTP / HTTPS file and admin access
  • FTP, SFTP and TFTP servers
  • JBOD, RAID 0, 5, 10 volumes *See note below
  • iSCSI targets with ISNS support
  • EXT4 filesystem


  • Network Backup: Schedulable (smallest interval is one day) to / from rsync targets and SMB/CIFS shares
  • Apple Time Machine backup
  • Auto file copy from PTP-enabled digital cameras


  • Recording and viewing of up to 16 IP cameras [supported models] via MindTree SecureMind (1 camera license included)
  • AXIS Video Hosting System support
  • UPnP AV / DLNA media server (Twonky Media)
  • Photo slideshow
  • iTunes server
  • BitTorrent downloader
  • Auto upload to Flickr
  • Auto upload to Facebook


  • Secure Web-based remote access and site-to-site backup (Personal Cloud)
  • Amazon S3, Mozy, EMC Avamar, EMC Atmos cloud backup


  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with VLAN and failover modes
  • SNMP support
  • Joins NT Domain / Active Directories for account information
  • Compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, VMware VSphere ESX5 iSCSI and NAS, XenServer™, 5.5, 5.6 (w/ MPIO), iSCSI & NFS
  • User level quotas
  • Email alerts
  • Logging
  • File upload via Bluetooth
  • USB printer serving
  • UPS shutdown synchronization via USB

Iomega hasn't tweaked the OS since our last look at the px2-300d. The apps haven't changed, but here they all are in the All Features screenshot below.

All Features

All Features

Volume configuration is fairly unsophisticated compared to other RAID 5 NASes. First, there is no RAID level migration or expansion. If you want to do either, you need to delete the existing volume. Once you choose a RAID 5 or 10 volume, you'll need to wait a long time while it syncs. Full RAID 10 sync of the 8 TB review sample took 10 hours and 45 minutes!

The Drive Management screenshot below shows the volume creation options. Note the absence of drive select checkboxes and no RAID 1 option. So you can't create multiple RAID 1 or 0 volumes, nor can you create a three-drive RAID 5 volume with a spare drive. The None option actually creates a single JBOD volume with all four drives. The default for write caching is Enabled with UPS as shown, but you can also select Always enabled and Always disabled.

All Features

All Features

I found you can acutally create a RAID 1 volume, by pulling two drives. But you can't create two RAID 1 volumes or a mix of RAID 0 and 1. No matter how many drives you put in, you can create only one volume.

A few other competitive weaknesses remain including:

  • You can limit access to shares by user and/or group. But you can't control access by service. So you can't shut off FTP access to certain shares, for example
  • No iSCSI encryption or authentication and no target multiple connects
  • No IPv6 support
  • Unlike px-series NASes, the ix4 doesn't support volume or folder encryption.

If you want more screenshots of the ix4's features, check the ix2-dl review gallery.

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Good for bare distro install

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Benoitm974
July 22, 2014
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Just to mention that the device is very easily hackable, I did install bare Debian with mainline kernel (3.16) with everything working except CESA. I get very good performance for AFP mac file sharing (90M-100M write / 105M read) in raid0 on 2 disk. Impressive for a $200 device !


Iomega IX4-300D RAID5 disk expansion from 4 TB to 8 TB - duration

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Eric
April 07, 2013
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On 5 April 2013 I installed my brand new Iomega Storcenter IX4-300D.
The unit came with 4 TB populated (2 x 2 Seagate Barracuda).
As I purchased the Storcenter with the intention to use it in a RAID 5 config, I opened the casing and added 2 new Barracuda ST2000DM001 2 TB drives. No problem there, Iomega supplied 2 plastic drive slides which you fold around the drives, then slide the units into their slots and ensure you push both connectors into their receptacles. Upon initial startup, the Iomega Storage Manager web-based console then reported I had 7.18 TB available in total, 157 MB used by the system itself, with no RAID yet.
So far so good.....

So I went into the Drive Management feature, and selected the RAID 5 protection option, using all drives.
Subsequently the Storcenter started its process of disk expansion so that all 8 TB are utilized in RAID 5 mode with parity.
However, this is a veeeerrry slooooow process. It took more than 24 hours to do the first 35 % of expansion (both the web console and the blue LED screen on the Storcenter itself show the percentage process). So I already mentally prepared myself for a 72-hour duration for the whole expansion job. Strangely enough though, the disk expansion job then speeded up gradually as it worked its way through the disks - maybe because it started on the outward tracks first ?
Anyway, miraculously the process ended after 30 hours in total, giving me just over 5 TB of net capacity die to RAID 5 overhead.

Anyone else with a different duration outcome for this process ?

I've rated reliability neutral as my judgement would be premature.....