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WD Photos App

The WD Photos app definitely has a new look compared to the one that Tim reviewed. One new feature is thumbnails for albums and album art. In the album view, album thumbnails will periodically update with new images from within the album. On the old ersion of WD Photos, there was a restriction as to where you could place your photos. You were restricted to to the Public\Shared Pictures directory. That restriction has been eliminated in the new version.

With the beefier processor, WD claims that transcoding photos on the My Cloud NAS is significantly faster. One feature, available only in the Android version of the WD Photos app is auto-upload. After the initial setup, new photos from the Android's camera roll will be automatically uploaded to your My Cloud NAS. This feature can be set to Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and data plan.

The image below shows the landing page for WD Photos on the Android (left) and iPad (right) platforms.

WD Photos landing page for Android (left) and iPad (right)

WD Photos landing page for Android (left) and iPad (right)

The WD Photos app adds some features not found in the My Cloud app. You can sort on name or date in ascending or descending order. You can also search using a date filter. For slideshows, you can choose from one of four slide transitions (cube, pan and zoom, fade and page curl) and set the slideshow duration.

On both platforms, you can directly access your locally stored photos, select one or more photos and upload them directly to your My Cloud. Both platforms also provide a choice of three views: folder; album; and thumbnail. The screenshot below shows the folder view on each platform. Obviously, with the larger screen, the iPad has the advantage over the Nexus. More thumbnails fit and there's room for more icons like those at the bottom and top of the screen.

WD Photos folder view for Android (left) and iPad (right)

WD Photos folder view for Android (left) and iPad (right)

Desktop Apps

WD also provides desktop applications for both Windows and MacOS. The Windows version of the app shown below isn't much ot look at, but provides drag-and-drop functionality between Windows Explorer and the app. The MacOS app has the same look and feel as the WD My Cloud desktop for Windows App.

WD My Cloud desktop for Windows App

WD My Cloud desktop for Windows App


My Cloud was tested with its factory-installed v03.01.03-127 firmware using our standard NAS test process to run tests. Results are shown below in the Benchmark Summary.

WD My Cloud Benchmark Summary

WD My Cloud Benchmark Summary

To see how the My Cloud NAS fared against other single drive NASs, I filtered the results for single drive devices and then generated charts for File Copy Read and File Copy Write performance. The results were somewhat surprising.

For File Copy Read, My Cloud came in sixth at 62.5 MB/s compared to the chart topper - the QNAP Turbo NAS (TS-112) at 78.6 MB/s. My Cloud's predecessor, the My Book Live, actually was about 25% faster that its replacement.

WD My Cloud File Copy Read Performance

WD My Cloud File Copy Read Performance

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