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How To Reduce Phantom Power Use

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Read more...You can get rid of power wasters with the help of some new products.

How To Connect Z-Wave and X10 Networks

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Read more...You can get your old X10 and new Z-Wave devices working in harmony. This How To uses an ELK M1G to bridge the gap.

Consolidate Control Using Logitech's Harmony 890 Remote

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Read more...We kick off our new Home Control section with a How To for using a Harmony 890 to control Z-wave devices.

Remote sync your smartphone with Sync ML and Funambol

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Read more...Did you know that your "smart" cell phone probably has remote sync capability just waiting to be used? Kevin Herring shows how open source once again comes to the rescue for a free way to keep your Outlook data up to date no matter where you are.