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Who's Who

Here's a little about the folks who make SmallNetBuilder tick.

You can reach any of us via the Contact Us page or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tim Higgins - Managing Editor

Tim doesn't quite know how he became a web journalist, but suspects it has something to do with karma or past lives. A few decades as an engineer in the automatic test equipment industry taught him how to make products tell their secrets, which he shares via SmallNetBuilder.

During his time on the Web, Tim has created a number of influential networking-focused websites including PracticallyNetworked, SmallNetBuilder (version 1.0), TomsNetworking and now version 2.0 of SmallNetBuilder.

Jim Buzbee - Contributor

Jim has been interested in computers since he first got his hands on a TRS-80. He received his Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas and has been a full-time Linux user since 1992.

Jim has more than 20 years experience designing and developing software for a number of platforms, and he's always interested in going under the covers to explore how things really work.

Scott DeLeeuw - Contributor

Scott was introduced to computers via an Atari 800XL and still remembers loading programs from a cassette drive. He's an enterprise application administrator for a large healthcare company by day and "tinkerer" by night.

He enjoys coming up with creative solutions to problems that people never knew they had. While the solutions on the back end may be complex, he really tries to focus on making the user experience transparent. Articles that don't fit SmallNetBuilder often go on his site,

Craig Ellison - Contributor, Industry Analyst

Craig writes extensively about products and trends in the high tech industry. As a 15-year veteran of PC Magazine’s labs, he was exposed to a broad range of products and developed many of the testing protocols used in the labs.

Craig now focuses on small business networking products, wireless networking, GPS navigation products and digital photography. A long-time computer enthusiast, his career in technology stretches back to the mid 80s when he installed the first LAN at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Eric Geier - Contributor

Eric is an author and IT professional, specializing in the wireless networking arena. Before founding Sky-Nets, Ltd., a public wireless Internet aggregator and advertising host for the general aviation community, he worked with a leading consulting firm for wireless mobile solutions and training. He assisted with consulting projects, at Wireless-Nets, Ltd., including WLAN testing and research, analyzing 802.11 packets, and wireless surveys for cities such as San Francisco, Miami Beach, and the Denver area.

Michael Graves - Contributor

Michael Graves has been involved with computers since first introduced to a Commodore PET at age 15. Since then, his activities have been a constantly shifting matrix of arts, media and computing concerns. Working from a home office for over twelve years he was involved in telecommuting before most Telcos could spell ISDN or DSL. He has most recently has suffered a particularily unhealthy interest in the convergence of computing, networking and communications technologies...especially voice over IP in SOHO applications.

Kevin Herring - Contributor

Kevin is a 20-something, self-confessed geek who loves nothing more than making things do something they weren't quite designed for. Like turning an old Xbox into a linux server. With a masters in Computer Science, he is a .Net/Oracle developer by day and an obsessed tinkerer by night. He also thinks that the Mac Mini is the most amazing computer ever made, although he has never actually owned a Mac....

Bill Meade - Contributor, Project Entrapment Specialist

Bill focuses on networking products that help home-based businesses. He put his first proxy server up on Windows NT 3.51 (still the best build ever of a Windows product) around 1994 using a 14.4 modem. An OS agnostic, Bill refuses to choose between platforms, insisting that he's never met a computer or operating system that can't be loved.

Bill has a background in high-tech new product development, having managed mobile robots, high-end Laser-based MFPs, and electronic mail software. In addition, Bill is a student of today's computer manufacturing industry, fluent in many original-design-manufacturers, channels of distribution, and industry rumor web sites.

Having taught the sons and daughters of the taxpayers of Missouri for 6 years, Bill specializes in step-by-step how tos that lure unsuspecting SmallNetBuilder readers into ACTUALLY BUILDING the projects he covers. You have been warned.

Doug Reid - Contributor

Doug has been fascinated with networks since discovering the joys of playing computer video games over the Internet and hosting LAN parties.

Doug is the Director of Network Operations for an International VoIP and Network provider. Doug has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) and VoIP Professional (CCVP).

Ryan Staib - Contributor

Ryan Staib has been entranced with computers all of his life. His father bought him an IBM PCjr (the 128K model) upon its release in 1984, because he recognized that computers were the way of the future. He grew up with DOS during the BBS days of the early '90s.

His first experience with networking was setting up an Internet gateway using the backup modem feature of the D-Link DI-804 to provide all three computers in his parents' house with simultaneous on-demand 56K modem access. In addition to his work as technical editor for computer-related books, he has an AAB in Networking Software.

Brandon Teska - Contributor

Brandon started out connecting computers via modem to play WarCraft 2. He received his Cisco Certified Network Associate certification when he was 17 and has been building and tweaking computers for as long as he can remember. His fascination with network gaming, on-demand entertainment, and open source software led Brandon to establish a myriad of networks and servers.

With his massive collection of mutant Xboxes and custom computers, his work has brought joy, laughter and some of the highest Counter Strike: Source scores to so many people. By day, he's a scientist working in the biopharmaceutical industry, but at night, after all the digital blood has been cleared, he's known only as Batman... for computers.

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