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Is AC1900 Worth It?

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Read more...There are good reasons to pay the premium prices that AC1900 routers command. But counting on potentially higher 2.4 GHz link rates isn't one of them.

MetaGeek Providing A Free Taste

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Read more...MetaGeek has introduced a trial for its new licensed version of inSSIDer.

802.11ac Specification Is Final

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Read more...802.11ac has been approved.

Linksys Goes Back To The Future For New AC1900 Router

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Read more...Linksys announced that you can buy its new flagship WRT1900AC router starting this Sunday.

MetaGeek Moves To Pay Model For New inSSIDer

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Read more...MetaGeek has introduced a paid version of its inSSIDer Wi-Fi utility and ended development of its free version.

How Much Throughput Can You Really Get From AC?

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Read more...So you upgraded your wireless network to 802.11ac. How much do you think you increased your wireless bandwidth?

How Well Do AC Routers Handle Mixed Networks?

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Read more...Our testing found you'll still sacrifice throughput running a mix of client types. But 802.11ac appears to make better decisions about which client type loses the most.

Dual Band Wireless Extender Roundup

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Read more...Our test of five dual-band wireless extenders came up with a clear winner.

NETGEAR Suit Against ASUS Moving Forward

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Read more...ASUS has failed to get NETGEAR's suit against it dismissed.

Single Band Wireless Extender Roundup, Take Two

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Read more...We found our first attempt at testing wireless extenders wasn't up to par. So we redesigned the test process and retested them all.

How We Test Wireless Extenders

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Read more...This article describes our test process for Wireless Extenders.

TRENDnet TEW-812DRUV2 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router Reviewed

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Read more...The second time isn't the charm for TRENDnet's second stab at its top-of-line TEW-812DRU AC1750 class router.

Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router Reviewed

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Read more...The Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router provides solid 100 Mbps routing and decent wireless performance for around $30.

Medialink MWN-WAPR300N Wireless-N Broadband Router (300 Mbps) Reviewed

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Read more...Does Medialink's MWN-WAPR300N really deserve to be Amazon's best-selling router?

AC1200 USB Wireless Adapter Roundup

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Read more...The real winner of our test of five AC1200 class USB adapters isn't necessarily the one that ranked the highest.

We Now Test Wireless Extenders, Adapters and Bridges

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Read more...We'd like to announce the launch of our full suite of product research tools for Wireless Extenders, Adapters and Bridges.

What Day Is Today? It's Linky's Birthday!

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Read more...It's hard to believe that it's been only 11 years since Linksys debuted the grandaddy of today's wireless routers - the WRT54G.

Community Wireless Is Alive And Well

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Read more...If you've been looking for information about building a neighborhood wireless mesh network, we've found a good resource.

Will A New Router Really Improve Performance? Part 2

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Read more...We take the most accurate look ever at what moving from an N to an AC router can do to your wireless performance.

Will A New Router Really Improve Performance?

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Read more...When does buying a new router improve wireless performance? And when is it just a waste of money?

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