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I put up a slideshow that walks you through almost all of the admin pages. So I'll just summarize the feature list and flesh out a few of the new feature highlights. Figure 5 shows the Home page, which provides easy access to most of where you'll need to go to manage the C200.

Partial board view

Figure 5: Home screen

The C200's feature set is strictly focused on file serving and backup. But what it does, it does well. Version 2.0 of the firmware includes many new features, some of which I've mentioned earlier, specifically:

Secure Remote Access: View files over the Web and manage the appliance remotely, from any PC or mobile device, no client software needed.

Local Snapshots: Instant access to previous file versions stored on the appliance, an additional layer to the snapshots available in the cloud backup.

Mobile Device Backup: Optional managed agents that enable backup of devices outside the office LAN, ideal for backing up roaming users and teleworkers.

Other: Active Directory support, NFS, iSCSI support, Apple Filing Protocol, Apple Time Machine support, enhanced Windows shell integration.

Here's the complete feature list:

  • Network file sharing via SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP
  • Individual, JBOD, RAID 0, 1 arrays
  • Multiple, resizeable volumes per array
  • Schedulable or on-demand volume snapshots
  • Apple Time Machine support
  • User and group creation
  • FTP (and -SSL) with download bandwidth control for anonymous downloads
  • HTTP / HTTPs admin and remote access
  • Joins NT Domain / Active Directories for account information
  • Schedulable folder-level backup to / from CIFS, rsync, WebDAV targets or local folders
  • Client Backup via installable agent (Windows XP, Vista, 7 only)
  • iSCSI target
  • Email alerts
  • Logging

If you're looking for media serving, web serving, Torrent downloading and other such pastimes, you'd best look elsewhere. Here are features you won't find in the C200

  • User quotas
  • Hot-swappable drives Updated 4/27/2010 - Hot swap is supported, according to CTERA
  • Print serving
  • Media serving
  • Torrent or other downloading

A few things in these lists bear a bit of explanation. The Synchronization (Backup) features can get confusing, since there appear to be multiple ways to accomplish the same thing.

Clientless Sync is the simplest and just copies everthing in network shares you select to the C200's store. You can set this to run up to 50 (!) times a day and appears to support only CIFS shares. Sync Rules are a bit more capable and can back up in both directions and use rsync, WebDAV and CIFS shares as well as local folders. You would also use this to back up to and from a USB drive. CTERA Agents is the only backup method that has match / exclude file type filters and can be configured to use a secure SSL connection. This method is primarily intended for mobile Windows-based systems that need to "phone home" to back up.

To use the iSCSI target feature, you need to first create a SAN volume type from unallocated space on a storage array. You then use the iSCSI target wizard to create the target itself.

The logs that are available are quite informative and can be filtered for various log information types. But they can't be emailed periodically.

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