CES 2011: Buffalo Technology Announcements

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CES LogoBuffalo is reaching for the Cloud, going Atomic, fleshing out its USB 3.0 drive line and finally giving up a dual-band N router.

Buffalo has teamed with CloudEngines to produce the Pogoplug-powered CloudStor personal storage solution; the first Pogoplug-based product with integrated storage.

CloudStor supports all standard Pogoplug features including easy local and remote access, Facebook and Twitter integration, Windows and MacOS file sharing, uTorrent and Apple Time Machine support and DLNA streaming including Xbox360 and PS3.

Buffalo CloudStor

CloudStor will be available next month at an estimated street price of $169.99 for the 1 TB CloudStor (CS-WX1.0TL) and $269.99 for the 2 TB CloudStor Pro (CS-WV2.0TL).

The company is adding a slew of Intel Atom D510-powered models to its TeraStation business line. The new TeraStation Pro line includes 2, 4, 6 and 8 bay desktop and 4 bay 1U rackmount models. Buffalo is also bulking up on RAM, putting 2 GB in each of the new NASes along with dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro 8

All models support the existing TeraStation feature set including RAID6 on four-drive and higher models and all, except the 8 bay, have two USB 3.0 ports for high-performance storage expansion. Buffalo is including 10 licenses of server class NovaStor backup software for Windows, and all models ship with Trend Micro’s NAS Anti-virus engine installed. A "modestly-priced" subscription will have your TeraStation Pro scanning files on demand or automatically in a jiffy.

The TeraStation Pro 8 will be $2,999.99 for the 8 TB (TS-8VH8.0TL/R6), $4,499.99 for the 16 TB (TS-8VH16TL/R6) and $6,499.99 for the 24 TB (TS-8VH24TL/R6).

The TeraStation Pro 6 is $2,499.99 for the 6 TB (TS-6VH6.0TL/R6) and $4,499.99 for the 12 TB (TS-6VH12TL/R6).

The TeraStation Pro Quad will be $1,199.99 for the 4 TB (TS-QV4.0HL), $1,699.99 for the 8 TB (TS-QV8.0HL) and $2,599.99 for the 12 TB (TS-QV12.0HL).

The TeraStation Pro Rackmount will price out at $1,699.99 for the 4 TB (TS-RVH4.0TL/R6), $2,299.99 for the 8 TB (TS-RVH8.0TL/R6) and $2,999.99 for the 12 TB (TS-RVH12TL/R6).

The TeraStation Pro Duo will cost $599.99 for the 2 TB (TS-WV2.0HL) and $799.99 for the 4 TB (TS-WV4.0HL).

All TeraStation Pros will start shipping next month and are backed with a limited three-year warranty. Prices are estimated street.

In attached storage, Buffalo is betting big on USB 3.0 with new quad, dual and single-bay models. The DriveStation Quad USB 3.0 comes with four drives configured in RAID 5, but also supports RAID 0, 10 and JBOD modes. A "heavy-duty" cooling system keeps the drives happy and a snap-off front plate provides easy drive access. The DriveStation Duo USB 3.0 is basically a dual-drive version of the Quad, configurable in RAID 0 and 1.

Buffalo DriveStation Quad USB 3.0

The Quad has an estimated street price of $629.99 for the 4 TB (HD-QL4TU3R5) and $1199.99 for the 8 TB (HD-QL8TU3R5). The Duo has an estimated street price of $279.99 for the 2 TB (HD-WL2TU3R1) and $459.99 for the 4 TB (HD-WL4TU3R1)

The MiniStation Stealth USB 3.0 bus powered portable hard drive and DriveStation Axis USB 3.0 expand Buffalo’s single-drive USB 3.0 offerings. The Axis has an estimated street price of $99.99 for the 1 TB (HD-LB1.0TU3) and $149.99 for the 2 TB (HD-LB2.0TU3). The Stealth has an estimated street price of $89.99 for the 500 GB (HD-PCT500U3/B) and $129.99 for the 1 TB (HD-PCT1TU3/BB).

Buffalo MiniStation Stealth USB 3.0

All USB 3.0 products are USB 2.0 compatible and available immediately.

Finally, Buffalo has finally broken down and added a dual-band wireless N router. The WZR-HP-AG300H AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N High Power Dual Band Router & Access Point is simultaneous dual band and runs DD-WRT firmware.

Buffalo MiniStation Stealth USB 3.0

Features include one Gigabit WAN and four switched Gigabit LAN ports, VPN (PPTP, OpenVPN) support, VLAN tagging, multiple SSIDs, RADIUS server, hot spot support, radio and access scheduling and iPv6 support. The router can also be configured as an access point or bridge / repeater.

The WZR-HP-AG300N will be available next month at an estimated street price of $149.99.

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