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In order to see how well the Media Vault performed, several tests were run using our standard NAS test procedure. The MV was tested using version firmware that came installed. Figures 14 and 15 show the NetCenter's performance on a 100mbit network using a 64kByte record size and file sizes from 32MB to 1GB, plotted along with a comparable Thecus 2100 NAS.

Tests were run with the device in standard mode (where each drive is accessed individually), in concatenation mode (JBOD), and in mirroring mode (RAID 1).

100 Mbit Read

Figure 14: 100 Mbit Read (click image to enlarge)

The Thecus and Media Vault read speeds track pretty well for file sizes 128 MB and below. But the MV pulls ahead on larger file size reads, mainly because it doesn't demonstrate the typical throughput fall off that the Thecus (and many other consumer NASes) have. The MV comes out on top on the write tests, but not by a huge margin over the Thecus.

100 Mbit Write

Figure 15: 100 Mbit Write (click image to enlarge)

Figures 16 and 17 show the same tests run on a 1000Mbit network. These results show a much wider separation of read performance, with the MV beating the Thecus by a wide margin. Note the lowest plot line, which shows the results of a test run during the 13-hour RAID 1 rebuild.

1000 Mbit Read

Figure 16: 1000 Mbit Read (click image to enlarge)

The Gigabit write performance shown in Figure 17 once again illustrates that the MV is a better performer than the Thecus.

1000 Mbit Write

Figure 17: 1000 Mbit Write (click image to enlarge)

To give a user perspective on performance of the MV2020, I performed a simple drag-and-drop test where I moved a directory tree back and forth to the Media Vault using a different computer than the iozone tests. The machine I used was a MacBook Pro, 2 GHz Intel Core Duo with 1.5 GB of RAM running Windows XP SP2 natively. The directory tree I was copying contained 4100 files using up just over a gigabyte. Table 1 shows the results of these tests.

Moving from XP to the Media Vault (write) took (on average) 3 minutes and 30 seconds on a 100 Mbit network and 2 minutes 45 seconds on a 1000 Mbit network. Moving the same directory back to my XP system (read) averaged four minutes even on a 100 Mbit network, and three minutes ten seconds on a 1000 Mbit network.

100 Mbps LAN 1000 Mbps LAN
Write to MV ~ 210 sec ~ 165 sec
Read from MV ~ 240 sec ~ 190 sec

Table 1: File Copy Test Results

If you want to compare the MV against all of the other NASes we've tested, just click over to the NAS Charts.

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