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Figures 19 and 20 compare the Gigabit RAID 5 Write and Read performance of the ZyXEL NSA-2400 to the Iomega StorCenter Pro 150d, Buffalo TeraStation Pro II, and the Synology CS407. The ZyXEL outperforms the others in Write Performance for all file sizes, and is at the top in Read Performance for all file sizes except 64 MB.

Gigabit RAID 5 Write
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Figure 19: Gigabit RAID 5 Write Performance Comparison

Gigabit RAID 5 Read
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Figure 20: Gigabit RAID 5 Read Performance Comparison

Figures 21 and 22 compare the gigabit RAID 10 Write and Read performance of the ZyXEL NSA-2400 to the Buffalo TeraStation Pro II. The Iomega StorCenter Pro 150d and the Synology CS407 aren't included, as they do not support RAID 10. 

As you can see, the ZyXEL has better gigabit RAID 10 Write performance at 32MB, 64M, 128MB, and 1GB file sizes and better gigabit RAID 10 Read performance at all but 64MB file sizes.

Gigabit RAID 10 Write
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Figure 21: Gigabit RAID 10 Write Performance Comparison

Gigabit RAID 10 Read
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Figure 22: Gigabit RAID 10 Read Performance Comparison

In addition to our NAS performance testing, I also tested the NSA-2400 in a RAID 10 array with some drag-and-drop file copy tests. I used a Windows XP Pro machine with a 10/100/1000 NIC and the NSA connected directly to a 10/100/1000 switch. 

I used a 2.8 GB file in the Large File test and a 172 MB folder with multiple files in the MultiFile Folder test. I copied the data from Windows to the NSA and back, running the tests multiple times to get an average performance.

As you can see in Figure 23, my real world drag and drop measurements for the large file is consistent with the results in Figures 17 and 18. My real world measurements for smaller file size as reflected in the MultiFile test were lower, likely due to the multiple files being written and read versus a single file being used in our performance charts.

Drag and Drop Test

Figure 23: Drag and Drop Test

RAID 10 should outperform RAID 5, which these tests verify. Of all the array options, RAID 10 provides the greatest combination of performance and redundancy, at the cost of providing the least amount of storage space. 

As displayed in Figures 17 and 18, Gigabit RAID 10 is a better performance configuration for the ZyXEL NSA-2400 than Gigabit RAID 5. As displayed in Figures 19 and 20, the NSA-2400's Gigabit RAID 5 performance is better than the other three devices. Finally, as displayed in Figures 21 and 22, the NSA-2400's Gigabit RAID 10 performance beats out the Buffalo TeraStation Pro II in nine of 12 measurements.

To net it out, the ZyXEL comes out on top against the Iomega, Buffalo, and Synology in Gigabit RAID 5 and RAID 10 performance.

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