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Cloud Services

When you click on the Cloud tab of the user interface, you land at the cloud services page.  From this page, you can manage and access your enabled cloud services.

ReadyNAS Cloud

ReadyNAS Cloud

ReadyNAS Remote – ReadyNAS remote isn't really new.  Remote provides secure over-the-internet access to your shared files from Window, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.  For Windows and MacOS, you have to install a client.  The client installs a virtual network adapter (from Leaf Networks – acquired by Netgear in 2010).  Using a VPN and your ReadyCLOUD account, you tunnel into your network. 

From the client, you have access to shares.  You can drag and drop files as if you were on a local network.  If you are using a Mac with the ReadyNAS remote installed, you can also use a remote ReadyNAS device as a Time Machine backup target.  Of course, over a WAN connection, it would take a very long time to create the initial sparsebundle, but subsequent Time Machine backups would be only incremental changes.

ReadyDrop – Using the same ReadyNAS Remote access client on a Mac or PC, you also have access to your ReadyDrop share on the NAS.  ReadyDrop claims to keep your files in sync, but in reality, ReadyCLOUD allows only one concurrent connection at a time.  So, if you’re like me and have multiple computers, only the last one logged in has access to Readydrop and shares. 

You can also access the Readydrop share on your device using a web browser pointed at For mobile devices, your access is also web based.  (See slide 22 in the gallery below.) While the single concurrent session limit may suffice for many users, I’ll stick with Dropbox and SugarSync.

ReadyNAS Replicate – This used to be a premium feature on business-grade ReadyNASes only. But NETGEAR now includes it on all ReadyNASes at no additional charge. ReadyNAS Replicate lets you replicate a share to another ReadyNAS on a remote network. Unlike the replication services on Buffalo TeraStations, ReadyNAS replication is at the file level, not the byte level. So replicating large files with only small changes could be time-consuming over a WAN connection.  Replicate is also not intended to replicate between ReadyNASes on a LAN.

ReadyCLOUD – ReadyCLOUD ties all of these services together with a single user account login.  Using your ReadyCLOUD account, you can access ReadyDrop, ReadyReplicate, or ReadyNAS remote services.  You can also log into ReadyCLOUD directly to remotely access the Admin page, access shares, or browse shares.  While ReadyCLOUD is a step in the right direction to a single login, NETGEAR still has a way to go.  There are still too many URLs to remember.

  • – ReadyNAS replication
  • – ReadyCLOUD admin/browse/access
  • – Manage your account information
  • – access your readydrop share via a web browser.
  • Finally, the Genie+ Application market, a place where you can buy, download and install NETGEAR and third party apps for your NAS, has a separate login of

Within the next couple of releases I’m hopeful that NETGEAR will whittle the list of URLs down to one or two.

There are also a few other cloud-based features hiding on other tabs.

ReadyNAS Vault - NETGEAR also offers a premium cloud-based backup service for your ReadyNAS.  This feature is available from the backup tab on the main Admin page.  There are three plans available:

  • On Demand – 5 GB costs $5.95/month with each additional GB costing $0.40.
  • Personal – Plans start at 100 GB of storage for $9.95/month and range up to 2 TB of cloud storage for $169.95/month.  This plan allows for up to 2 devices and ha a file size limit of 1 GB
  • Business – Plans start at 50 GB for $19.95/month and go up to 200 GB for $64.95/month.  This plan allows for unlimited devices, multiple users with separated/shared storage, file size limit of 5 GB, and support for open and locked files.

Dropbox - There is also an option on the Backup tab to enable Dropbox support.  You can select a share and enter your Dropbox credentials to sync the selected share to your Dropbox account. 

Antivirus – When activated from the System > Settings menu, Antivirus scans files locally as they are written to the device. Antivirus support is provided by Commtouch. I did not test this feature.

Anti-virus architecture

Anti-virus architecture

Other Features

Now that we've looked at the OS6' unique features, here's a concise rundown of everything:

Volume Types, File Systems, Services
  • Internal File System: BTRFS
  • External File System: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
  • Copy-on-write filesystem
  • Microsoft Network (CIFS/SMB)
  • Apple OS X (AFP 3.3)
  • Linux/Unix (NFS v3)
  • Single Disk, JBOD RAID Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 (RAID level support depends on number of drives/bays)
  • RAID Global Hot Spare
  • X-RAID2 (automatic single volume online expansion)
  • eSATA Expansion


  • Max # Users: 8192
  •  Max # User Groups: 8192
  • Max # Share Folder: 1024
  • Max # Concurrent Connections: 1024
  • Share Folder Level ACL Support
  • Advanced Folder Permissions with Subfolder ACL support for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP
  •  Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller Authentication
  •  Local access list
  •  ReadyCLOUD based ACL
  •  Domain user login via CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP


  • Unlimited block-based snapshots for continuous data protection
  • Restore Snapshots to any point in time
  •  Restore Snapshot data from local admin GUI, ReadyCLOUD, or native Windows File Explorer
  • Scheduled and manual snapshots
  • rsync
  • Encrypted Remote Replication
  • Cloud managed Remote Replication (ReadyNAS to ReadyNAS). No licenses required for ReadyNAS OS 6 devices
  • Backup to external storage (USB/eSATA)
  • USB One-Touch Copy
  • Apple Time Machine support
  • Remote Apple Time Machine backup and restore (over ReadyNAS Remote)
  • ReadyNAS Vault Cloud backup (optional service)
  • ReadyDROP file synchronization (sync folder on Mac/Windows to a folder on ReadyNAS)
  • DropBox file synchronization (requires DropBox account)


  • ReadyDLNA (UPnP DLNA Media Server)
  • ReadyDLNA Streams to any compliant device including PS3/Xbox 360
  • ReadyDLNA mobile clients for remote media streaming (iOS, Android)
  • ReadyDLNA supported music formats (wav,wma, pcm, ogg, mp3, m4a, flac, aac)
  • ReadyDLNA supported photo formats (jpg,jpeg)
  • ReadyDLNA supported video formats (3gp,mp4, wmv, xvid, vob, ts, tivo, mts, mpeg, pg, mp4, mov, mkv, m4v, m4p, m2t,m2ts, flv,flc, fla, divx, avi, asf)
  • ReadyDLNA supported playlist formats (pls,m3u)
  • ReadyNAS Surveillance (free trial, licenserequired) supports over 40 brands and1000 models of IP cameras
  • iTunes Server
  • iTunes supported audio formats (mp3, m4a,m4p, wav, aif)
  • iTunes supported video formats (m4v, mov,mp4)
  • iTunes supported playlist formats (m3u,wpl)
  • TiVo Archiving
  • Plex Media Server streams to DLNA andPlex clients (mobile, desktop, Google TV,Roku, Samsung & LG TVs)


  • UPS Support
  • Scheduled shutdown/startup
  • Wake On LAN
  • Auto-restart after power recovery

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