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App Central

App Central is where you download, install and update ASUSTOR applications. App centers are pretty common in NASes today. The ASUSTOR App Central menu is broken down into Installed and Browse sections. The Installed section shows your currently installed applications, allows you to update them or manually install an ".apk" file from a third party source. The Browse section lets you browse all apps, ASUSTOR Apps (supported and/or written by ASUSTOR), Top Apps, Latest Apps, Categories and apps currently in Beta. According to my count, there are currently 125 applications in App Central.

While many NASes ship with Media servers and iTunes servers installed, you have to install those programs from App Central. I installed both of those servers as well as some other multimedia applications to see how well the ASUSTOR worked in conjunction with both remote applications for mobile devices as well as a HTPC connected via HDMI to my TV.

iTunes Server

There's really not much to set up on the iTunes server. If you copied your music library to the default \Music directory, the server will automatically scan and build its library. I had copied my library to \public\media\music, so had to add that folder to the scan list. After building its library, the iTunes server was visible on my network and I was able to play music from the ASUSTOR NAS through iTunes as expected.

Unlike some iTunes servers I've seen on other NAS devices, the ASUSTOR iTunes server never dropped off line over the course of five days. This iTunes server can also be paired with Apple's remote app for iPod, iPhone or iPad. This enables play on AirPlay compatible devices.

ASUSTOR ADM 2.1 iTunes Server - Advanced

ASUSTOR ADM 2.1 iTunes Server - Advanced

UPnP Media Server

There are two media server apps under the ASUSTOR Apps section of App Central. I installed UPnP Media Server 2. As with the iTunes server, I had to add a directory path to my photos and music files. I also added in a path to force the server to scan photos, videos and music on a USB memory stick that I plugged into the front port on the server. The screenshot below shows that you can rename the server, add paths to media content and force it to "Scan Now".

I tested the media server using my WD MyTV Live DLNA media streamer . I use that device because it supports an extensive list of file formats. All the photos, music and videos I tried, both stored on the NAS as well as the content on the USB memory stick, played as expected. There are options on the advanced screen that let you choose the UPnP client language a well as a box to disable transcoding.

ASUSTOR ADM 2.1Media Server

ASUSTOR ADM 2.1Media Server


SoundsGood is ASUSTOR's Web music player. This app is also required if you want to remotely access music on your NAS via ASUSTOR's AiMusic app on your Android or iOS devices. You can play music stored on the NAS using a browser or you can play music through speakers connected the ASUSTOR NAS via HDMI, USB or the audio jack.

As shown in the screenshot below, you can view your music by artist, album, folder or recently played songs. You can't, however, view content by genre or view a listing of all tracks. The filter feature lets you search your library for keywords. You can create your own playlists and populate them by dragging selections to the right hand window. I tested music playback via HDMI using speakers attached to my TV and the music played as expected.

ASUSTOR ADM2.1 SoundsGood

ASUSTOR ADM2.1 SoundsGood

VPN Server

One of the other new features of ADM 2.1 is the VPN server. Previously, ASUSTOR NASes had a built-in VPN client that allowed the device to connect to a VPN server. This new app, available in App Central, turns your NAS into a VPN server. There's built-in support for PPTP as well as OpenVPN. The current user guide has been updated with a warning that you can't use the VPN server and VPN client at the same time. While there's not any documentation that comes with the VPN server download, ASUSTOR has published an article on Using Your NAS as a VPN Server.

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