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Add Users

Before moving on to creating a new user, we need to install SSL Explorer as a service so that it will be started each time our PC is booted. From our command line window we can run ant install-service.

NOTE: If you have another program currently listening on port 443 then you will have to disable that program before SSL Explorer will start successfully.

Now, let's put the server into operation by issuing ant start from the command line window (this is a one time task as once it is installed as a service it should be started automatically upon bootup). Pull up a browser and type in the following URL: https://localhost/. You should see a login screen similar to the one shown in Figure 14.

Figure 14: Login screen

Figure 14: Login screen

Go ahead and login as the "Super User" we previously created. If you type in the username and password combination correctly then you should be rewarded with the Management Console screen.

Figure 15: Management console screen

Figure 15: Management console screen (click image to enlarge)

Click on the Accounts link under the Access Control menu and you will see a list of currently configured users on the system (Figure 16).

Figure 16: Accounts List screen

Figure 16: Accounts List screen (click image to enlarge)

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, select the Create Account link to create a new user for the system. I created a user called John Smith (Figure 17).

Figure 17: Create account screen

Figure 17: Create account screen (click image to enlarge)

Enter all the details for the new user. For the group, I entered Users and then clicked on the Add button. Next, click on the Save button to finalize the new user. After finalizing the new user account the system will ask you to assign a password (Figure 18).

Figure 18: Account password screen

Figure 18: Account password screen (click image to enlarge)

After clicking the Save button one more time you should be returned to the main Accounts screen. You should see both the "Super User" and the new user you created in the account list.

Figure 19: Accounts screen with new account

Figure 19: Accounts screen with new account (click image to enlarge)


SSL Explorer is now set up and ready to go. In Part 2, we'll walk through how to set up access to a remote network's shares. We'll also show you how to use SSL Explorer for remote desktop access to even a Windows XP Home machine.

In the meantime, if you can't wait to get going, you can explore these flash demos on 3SP's website.

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